Portfolio strategy in Bull Market

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This is about portfolio restructuring and i am in dilemma . i have got 35 stocks and i have divided it in two portfolios one is performing long term portfolio and second one is loss portfolio .

performing portfolio shows 53 % profit and average age of the portfolio is 1.5 years and that of loss portfolio stands at 10 % in loss and about one year of holding .
My holding will be for 10 years from now .

Now the question remain for me for both portfolios are as below.
Performing portfolio :
Since this is performing portfolio, shall i go on increasing this portfolio or shall i book the profit

Loss Portfolio
Since this is Loosing portfolio, shall i go on trimming these stock or wait for some time for performance.

if some one having such experience on restructuring portfolio he can help or suggest me how to handle this situation.

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I think you can exit Divis and Lal Path Labs. The reason is your loss is less considering the risk. I also purchased Divis at 700+ levels and averaged it around same Price. After further analysis I kept the 700+ price shares and sold the 643+ price shares as it was very risky. Mostly purchase decision would have being based on Welspun stock which has raised from low levels.

Lal Path Labs doesn’t have moat. I entered at 950+ level and exited at 944+ level with small loss. It rose to 960+ level and dropped now.

I am newbie so please take this with pinch of salt.

Vinayaks Portfolio.xlsm (17.3 KB)

Dear Friends .

Suggest me about any addition in this portfolio is required on the basis of structural bull market and any deletion on the basis of performance .
My average investment age is 2 years and i have totol 6 years experience in the market.

My investing horizon is about another 10 years .


Hi, I am a novice and wouldnt be able to advise on the stock picks but would like to learn on how do you purchase stocks, is it like a considerable amount of money you invest in one go or once you decide on a stock or gradually increase ur position. Your input will be helpful.

Gradually increase allocation as with time you know more and more about company and increase in conviction level.

Hi Vinayak,
First a general advice:

  1. The first step is to remove the actual figures from the excel sheet Put the % allocation only.
  2. Remove you mobile number as it exposes you to various spams etc.

3. Reduce the number of stocks to what you can track effectively. I am assuming that you are a full time employee and have limited time for stock investments.


Thanks Kamleshji for you advice and will try to act on that

Hi Raj1968,
thank you for your advice . While curtailing stocks what strategy to be adopted . Whether future growth shall be parameter or protecting downside shall be parameter .

If you can guide me on this will be helpful for me .