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Google has announced that it is suspending portfolio tracking on Google Finance as they have decided to “revamp their service”. There is no detail if the service is expected to resume after the revamp or will be permanently discontinued. I have tracked my equity portfolio on Google finance for a long time now. The key benefits were, its easy to sign on (essentially because we all log into google for other services anyways), showed live data and tracked performance over time. My entire transaction history therefore was on this platform and was serving me well until Google decided to stop this service. So I am on the look out for an alternate. Key attributes I am looking for are

  1. Easy to access across devices
  2. Easy to operate (add/delete transactions)
  3. Ability to save multiple portfolios - as I have some basic categorization for my investments
  4. Shows live prices instead of a day old data
  5. Is Free!

I believe that this might be something a few others here might be worrying about and thought a thread to aggregate all info/knowledge in search of a google finance alternate will be useful. And if people are not using Google finance, I would be interested in knowing what they were using in the first place.



I am also looking for a similar tool. One additional feature which I am yet to find in any of the current similar tool is the ability to have a chart tracking of how the portfolio has performed over a timeline of different time frames.

@stockpicker123 I am using portfolio tracking tool of moneycontrol.com site and i found it adequate for my needs. It could be fulfilling most of the attributes you are looking.for. I have not tried any other tool, and would love to hear the experience of other members who are using other portfolio tracking tools.

I use Moneycontrol, Economictimes and Marketsmojo.com You can create multiple portfolios in all three of them and Marketsmojo shows you the performance of your portfolio over different time period and also compared the same to a composite index benchmark.

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I’m using https://etportfolio.indiatimes.com (economic times). It has all the features you mentioned, also you can track your MF/FD/Loan/Ulip/ETF etc.,. It has detail view like sector allocation, profit/loss trend, news on your stocks in news section, it automatically updates the corporate actions(some won’t do that). For the past two years I’m using this and very much satisfied.

Only inconvenience: It won’t show the overall gains in %. Apart from that it’s a great tool. It has mobile website, desktop website and ET Markets app.

I’ve tried monecontrol, I stopped using because it’s spamming my email with alerts.

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Rediff Money has portfolio manager similar to Google Finance. Its free and easy . Hope it helps :slight_smile:

www.valueresearchonline.com has an excellent portfolio manager, we can import excel sheets in one go, dividend , split and bonus will be automatically taken in to account , It will analyse your portfolio and provides various graphs… Please try

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Valueresearch is not great, some of the basic features are missing… like you can’t choose the exchange. By default it’s taking the NSE rates only. I trade on BSE, but I can’t choose BSE as my exchange, which is a fundamental thing.

Click Here to access my google spreadsheet. This is not created by me but I have modified it completely to make it work for me. Frankly, I dont remember the source otherwise I would give full credit to them.

I am sharing a view only link and you have to be logged into a google account to save a copy for yourself. Once you save a copy for yourself, you can change it to suit your needs.

You can add buy and sell transactions, stock splits/bonus and dividends and works with any ticker that google finance provides a quote.
You can also make multiple portfolios work with this and you need to be little creative for this to make it work.
CAGR is calculated at stock level and if you can fill your capital intake and outtake under capital sheet, you can also track CAGR at portfolio level.

I will do my best to answer any questions but most questions can be answered by a simple google search.


For all those who are asking permission to give edit access, please make a copy using the below steps:

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Marketsmojo is pretty extensive and rich in features. Was not expecting. Can others test it and opine?

You may have a look on the Mprofit desktop software, its free for a single portfolio. Its pretty detailed and gives many features.
They do have a mobile app also, not yet used it.

until recently moneycontrol was my go-to portal for portfolio management. But when reconciling with demat account details I found out that its not good in corporate actions: some bonus are recorded twice. Adding to this it stopped accounting for my SIP after 57th installment. the dividend received part was also missing. Now I have moved to MarketsMojo.com for equity part and valueresearchonline.com for mutual fund part. I wish there is any free portal to manage Futures and options part.

I recently joined askkuber for tracking portfolio. So far I have received good support in opening an account and providing me premium trial access for a month. Multiple portfolio tracking, stock alerts, cagr calculations, reasonable fee, android app - all appears good. Yet to try the features, will update in this thread over the next week.

Note that there seems to be an upper limit of 500 transactions for MarketsMojo. Otherwise I liked it. Presently using MProfit and ValueResearch Portfolios.

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I guess 500 limit in MarkestMojo is applicable to upload, that to in one go. as far as transaction history/listing is concerned, I am able to see more than 900 transaction that I have entered/imported so far. Thanks…

try simplemoney for mutual fund. Very easy and you don’t need to upload any documents.

Yes, you are right. You cannot upload more than 500 transactions in one shot. So it would be advisable to export transactions that number less than 500 several times. But this is also difficult because sometimes when I select one financial year, the number exceeds 500 sometimes. So if all your data from a different portfolio is to be uploaded, it becomes a cumbersome job. And if you do have all the data from the past several years, the portfolio shows returns from each year since you started, which is useful! Note also that you cannot edit bonus and split data if you make a mistake. I asked for help on this point, but did not receive any response. I do like the various results you get once your portfolio is complete in all respects. FWIW.

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Still using Google finance. Hopefully they have forgot the Mid Nov deadline, and the old version would continue to work… :grinning:

Tried it out, seems to be quite rich in features and good modern UI.

But it takes the BSE prices by default, wish you could set that to NSE.