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Is there any option to export my portfolio in excel from marketmojo ?

At present No. I did reach out to the MarketsMojo team with same suggestion. They replied saying feature is already under consideration.

PN : I reached out for export feature on transaction history/listing page. However, I assume feature roll out, if and when it happens, will be across portal. Thanks…

I used both MarketsMojo and Moneycontrol. I like moneycontrol for mobile, Marketsmojo mobile app is very slow and buggy. For desktop, I use moneycontrol when I have to take a quick glance at my portfolio but use Marketsmojo for deeper analysis.

Are there no paid or free software which can connect to different dmat accounts and pull in the details and show us both current and historical information at one place?

Appreciate your reply.

You can try Mprofit from mprofit.in.

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Economic Times portfolio manager has so much downtime. It’s down since today morning. Happens very frequently.

Hi @rizwan236, I can’t go to the sheet. Can you double check if the sheet still exist?

Please can you share when finished? Many thanks!

I will be greatly thankful if any one can suggest a good portfolio tracking tool. ET portfolio,MarketsMojo and Money control are out of questions and lack many important return analyzing tools.

Trendlyne and Valuereserachonline portfolio tracker are relatively better but still lack the return analysis tools i missed when i was using US based portfolio trackers for US companies

Been using equitymaster portfolio tracker for both Equity and Mutual Fund. Good tracking with corporate action as well as SIP recording. Simplified Capital Gain taxation with Grandfathering clause as well as dividend. Saved a lot of time for ITR preparation.

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Not sure if anyone has found a better alternative for Indian market - I’m still searching!

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What is your need in portfolio tracking - key things ?

Currently i am using the xirr formula in excel and deriving the cagr for my portfolio
However, i want to compare my portfolio with index (nifty, midcap, small cap) - such that what would have been the portfolio performance had i bought the index for a similar amount of money instead of the stocks that i bought in my portfolio on a given date.
I remember long ago someone had posted a excel on the forum for such a calculation…
Does someone have such a excel or any other way of computing the return ?
I am not a pro in excel…so if someone knows how i can modify my current excel by copy-pasting EOD price data of index from exchanges and use it to fulfill my requirement ?

TIA :slight_smile:

Is there any portfolio tracking tool wherein we can upload the p & l statement in excel format (say for the previous 4 years) and get the overall portfolio performance rather than manually entering the transactions which is highly cumbersome. I am using Geojit as my broker.

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You can look at valueresearchonline

Hi everyone, for the last 1 month I am using a free open source tool known as “portfolio performance”. Once you get used to this its really nice software.

I am attaching the link for the tool and an useful tutorial video to get started.

Do try out and give feedback.