Pix Transmission - low profile smallcap company

Has the management ever aimed for expansion in the past.Havev they been able to follow through?

Hi Fellow investors,

Kindly l look in to below queries and reply to this will help to attain better knowledge of business

1)US based co- Gates industrial corporation updated in their earnings call about “chain to belt” business opportunity is very huge and estimated addressable market is around US 8 billion $ . Whether PIX is working on any such related projects?

(2)Due to PLI scheme introduced in India , we are witnessing higher maufacturing activity and PIX provide products to many Industrial customers who inturn are doing capex, whether PIX is able to increase thier market share in India ?


The Company is having very good export opportunities and one of the most important deciding factor will be the quality of product of PIX vis a vis its competitors.
Some body referred that the quality of PIX is lower then its main competitors like Gates and Fenner.
Experts can advise on the quality of product.

Disclosure: Not invested but tracking.


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