Pidilite Industry : Fevicol ka Jod

They pay once a calendar year and my guess is that they will announce a dividend with q4 results.


For the shareholders there is no dividend income during FY21.

Excellent Presentation of Cost of Capital and Economic Value Addition in their AR:


Wonder, does it have any listed peers in similar countries like China or Brazil…

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Team, do you have any views on pidilite looking at china +1 policy? This has been a consistent compounder but imo there have been many competitors now especially for favicol and related products. This co has good cash , roic is also good so far but they have utilize the cash to innovative and be aggresive.

Disc - not invested


I have a query. when I look at its sales, profit performance , it appears quite ordinary on 3 , 5 and 10 years basis…still why stock performance is so good? I agree that its a Coffee Can stock and longevity is considered. But still, with this kind of business performance, why its getting so high PE and is it sustainable over next 5 to 10 years?

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