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Dear Forum members and VP’s

Good Day,

I thank you for this forum site and to all respected members in this site who have contributed to the site to help in gaining insight’s and understanding about the markets and stocks.

Am an NRI and new to stock investing and come with an IT experience of 7 years.

Have been to stock investing since 2016 and had made loss during the recent fall of 2018.

My biggest problem is that I have being following moneycontrol and other news/message platforms to select stocks without knowing the usage/fundamentals on the growth/future prospectus, learnt my lessons the hard way.

For the past 1.5 years, I have been reading the site every day and to make sense of the markets and have restructured my portfolio.

Am still on a learning curve day to day and connecting the dots by reading company’s prospectus, reading AGM news, understanding the customer to market sentiments.

Specially thanks to Donald, Ayush, and Hitesh for site and their contribution.


I would like to invest long term & generate good returns and would like to use this for kids education/future.

My Objective is to have CAGR of 15 to 20 percent. .


Invest around 15 to 20 stocks. Have a watch list of 10 stocks and shuffle during periodic evaluation…

Present portfolio 2019 and continuing to hold for next 5 years:

Stock Percentage of Allocation

Indian Hotels 10.02
Genus Paper & Bo 8.52
Bandhan Bank 7.24
Kitex Garments 6.77
Mayur Uniquoters 6.32
Yes Bank 5.2
Mirza International 4.78
Biocon 4.42
Hikal 4.04
Edelweiss.Fin. 3.98
CCL Products 3.64
Tata Metaliks 3.61
Premco Global 3.5
Trident 3.23
MMTC 3.21
L&T Fin.Holdings 3.11
Innovative Tech Pack Ltd 3.11
Bharat Electron 2.9
Shivalik Bimetal 2.66
IDFC First Bank 2.18
Sterlite Tech. 1.94
Ambuja Cem. 1.81
Suzlon Energy 1.71
M & M 1.47
Sanghi Inds. 1.45
Vikas Multicorp 0.79
Vikas Ecotech 0.52

INDIAN HOTELS: Stable earnings, future of India would be the welcoming destination to tourist and stay. Debts are getting reduced as well as borrowings, good flow of cash.

GENUS PAPER: Future Prospectus: Ban on plastics might have good growth story on the company. The company produces Kraft Paper used by packaging industry in making corrugated boxes and liners & MS Ignot use of ingots goes in Housing & Infrastructure sector, which have grown tremendously in next few years.

As per my understanding it will grow at rate of 9% CAGR and the company has plans to generate 1 million tonnes of paper in next 5 year and has entered into 2 non-binding MOU for setting up kraft paper plants with Government of UP & Maharashtra to invest 1650 crores for expansion.

Customers: LG, Samsung, Dabur, Whirlpool, Eveready, ABC paper, Moserbaer, Videocon, Khanna, Hindustan Levers Century Pulp & Paper, Onida…

STERLITE TECH: 5G Revolution with increasing numbers of people using smart phone and internet, I feel the company has lot of potential to grow with also having exposure to Chinese, US markets too.

VIKAS ECOTECH: Majority of PVC pipe is poisoning India’s drinking water, ban on lead stabilisers completely the company has good potential to grow as the company makes an entry into the world’s largest consumer of Organotins. VEL also has the technology to manufacture Calcium Zinc stabilisers. Profits are largely due to exports.

Also world no. 1 in tin metal production and export

IDFC FIRST: Merger with capital First, network and the new management.

BIOCON: Invested in Biocon since past 3 years and continue to hold, waiting to see the performance of the biologics as per the management as they are expecting to hit US 1$ billion by 2022

GRUH – BANDHAN BANK : Invested in GRUH 2 years back now has merged with BANDHAN and continuing to hold, Bandhan has good revenue’s and with high increase number of customer and very low NPA.

KITEX & MAYUR: This two stocks are quite famous and are world leader in consumer demands, I did go through the forum VP thread and Interested in buying due to consumer demands on accessories.

YES BANK: Got it recently added in the portfolio as per the 1.2 billion dollar news, if the binding offer is been accepted by the RBI. The bank has way to clear their books and start new growth.

MIRZA INTERNATIONAL: Exposure to overseas and Indian markets with current situation under creating the brand name in the minds of people. The brand play Red Tape, aggressively expanding and promoting for sales. Company is available at a cheap valuation and there is huge demand for branded footwear…

SHIVALIK BIMETALS: India getting ready for technological advancement, smart meters will advance. Inspired by Ayush Mittal. Order book looks promising going ahead with having orders from European countries and states in India.

Only company in the world for solar cell PV replacement product

Expansion in shunts and bimetals and expected to be completed by 2020.

BHARAT ELECTRONICS: A defensive bet with its growth and good valuation. The stock is undervalued and has more potential to grow. Drawback: should do well if government delivers its intent to make more and cut on imports.

AMBUJA CEMENTS: A technical buy at low level for understanding the stock. Am not sure why this stock has not been performing well as it had good reputation in the markets. Profits have increased for sep 2019 by 31%, low volatility, improved margin and operating income. Merger story with DIRK India a 100% percent subsidiary and maintained its progress on fossil fuel substitution with alternative fuels and renewable energy.

PREMCO GLOBAL Specialist for supplying elastics to big name brands, globally. Production. Expansion in Vietnam has been completed the company is back on track. Hanes are its major customers for the high revenue, company had done some discussions with Jockey but they have not got the deal yet, if they get the deal then it could be a potential turnaround story for this stock.

Exports in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal

CCL: World’ largest instant coffee producer and their business strategy to do cost plus model is very good. The new expansion as well as entering slowly in B2C will definitely help the company to grow further.

SUZLON: A bad investment, had hopes for the management to clear the debts but resulted out there is no buyer and still awaiting for some positive news as this could be the future to the greener India and its biggest wind energy and a market leader.

Disappointment due to government too has not shown any interest yet.

HIKAL: Pharma and Agro business wherein the company has sorted out its forex issue, which was awaited since long time. The company posted loss this quarter due to floods and the stock had beaten down. The company were able to recover fast and get back on track.

TRIDENT: Company has huge debt and its cutting down every year, the company has good number of sales as well as profit posted for every quarter, the co focuses on terry towel, textile, yarn and wheat straw based paper. Going ahead stock would spilt to 10:1 ratio.

M&M : Good management, just that the auto sector had hit badly due to tax reforms the company was unable to generate good revenues, moving ahead with the story of EV am optimistic.

EDELWEISS: Very strong management with diversified business sectors, the management had very bad days due to DHFL. On the way to recover when out of 160 projects 10-20% gets completed and thereby unlocking the value

My portfolio is more largely on Medium to Small caps.

Am planning to exit some stocks such as Tata Metaliks, MMTC, SUZLON and new moves are


Looking forward to your inputs from now wherein I can still narrow down my stocks to 10 numbers and focus.

Disclosure : These are not stock recommendation, Please do your own research before investing.

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from your post only i came to know that PVC pipes has some drawback. Thanks for the Information.

Hi Anupam,

You can find the details here :

Note : The information is from the external site/vendors

Update to portfolio :

Am still learning about market sentiments and company profiles to understand and design a pattern that matches the market needs and action as per the missing gaps.

Current portfolio - i have designed as per the current situation not too much worried about other opportunity but definitely the anxiety of FOMO kicks in.

Portfolio aim : To recover loss from 2016 which is partially recovered and has 20% to recover

Stock Price Currrent Price Allocation
Cipla 648 742 42%
Biocon 196 392 11%
Alkem 2802 2802 13%
Jubiliant Life Sciences 741 850 4%
IOLCP 600 856 8%
Balaji Amines 348 971 5%
Pokarna 132 147 7%
Camlin Fine Sciences 47 96 4%

Recent Exits :
Oriental Aromatics : Expecting a correction wherein market convictions are building up
Himadri Speciality : Not so happy results and China raw material dependency
Precision Camshafts : Auto sectors are not picking up well there might be some news but realistically there is a big bubble
Camlin Fine Science Partial exit - As mentioned in the concall the co is planning to shift its inventories from China to India wherein during transition the stock/inventory will be affected from 100%-50% during transition expect some bad quarter (roughly impact of 5-6 months)

Cipla : Approved seller of Remedisivir next to Hetero
Major contributor of respiratory medication
Number of ANDA’s Filed in USA : 262
Number of ANDA’s Approved By USFDA :196
Given a initial run - And covid cases increasing more and more - the company can do well + the bonus on remdesivir - there is no medication which has been/proposed to treat covid - guess till then remdesivir will do well.
Cipla plays a larger role in respiratory treatment - so am biased and more inclined to see where the market takes it.

Jubiliant Life Sciences : Jubiliant life science again a Remedisivir play
The pharma company was not doing so well however drug and disovery part had contributed a major part of revenue
Ethyl Acetate becomes the second next player being the 7th worlds largest producer - Ethyl acetate are used in paints, packaging, electronics.

IOLCP : Purely ibuprofen play - they also supply to Granules
Has a long term contract to sell Ibuprofen to BASF.
Has good set of clientle list - and main reason for investing was ibuprofen plays a major role in pain management.
Metaformin & Ethyl acetate is ramping up

Alkem : Mainly due to the reason of anti biotics/infectives play

Balaji Amines : Pharma + API + Agrochemicals play
Due to covid amines are being benefitted a lot due to usage in pharma and are having strong tailwinds. Going ahead some anti dumping part may play well.
DMA - Might be an added leverage play due to anti dumping - running on ast mile till next quarter then have to relook at situations. Because it’s coming to a PE of 30 - there may be spillover or turnover.

Biocon : Holding since 2016 - Biologics business

Pokarna : Main interest was due to the news of anti dumping from USA for quartz.
Anti dumping duty for China was around 300% whereas for India it was just 2%-3%
Main player/leader in India for Quartz having 60% sales export to USA.

You may visit all the posting done in the forum about each individual companies.

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API/CRAMS Space : Will be a big beneficiary going ahead.

Aditya Khemka of DSP has shared a good insights of Pharma & API space :

China shutdown : Most next beneficiary in terms of API deliverable’s will be from India or lets say 50% from China 50% from India on equal basis depends.


New investments took a small position in : Solara (Metaformin & Ibuprofen)

Reddy : Has a large scope for API across country specific - their presence involves in Europe, Brazil, USA and much more - Has a good reputation and brand names.
Reddy API list : API Product List_March 2020.pdf (2.4 MB)

Reddy Quarterly results :

More homework to be done.

Reduced Balaji Amines by Half.

Reason : PE - 26 and already a 2X in portfolio.
Next quarter might be good set of results however would intend to rejoin after market correction. Don’t know what surprises Mr market has in store.
We can clearly see patterns that Nifty and Dow Jones are running hard…

Exited Balaji Amines fully… Approached support/resistance levels.

Sitting with tight with 5% cash - watching closely on Pokarna & Camlin - the fundamentals of company are good however now we certainly cant look into those aspects as the price tends to move the sentiments of the investor during such crucial times

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Was bullish about ibuprofen - however looking into instances am not seeing prices getting high for ibuprofen.
There will be a demand for sure however IOLCP with having 4 product API and going ahead with their 3 product the prices are very low than ibuprofen (16$) and rest costing about 1$-5$. in such cases the demand on these products are not as we see in ibuprofen because it holds highest record for ibuprofen capacity.

Metformin Hydrochloride is one such product that India is the key maker - Laurus labs, Lupin, Granules, Sun, IPCA labs are quite in numbers - to make these products so the price moat and entry barrier is definitely isn’t there just for these cases

Exited - IOLCP - Fundamentals have run too high.

Moved positions to Laurus labs -Tenofovir/Lamivudine/Dolutegravir fixed dose combination drug . The product is the preferred first-line regimen for the treatment of people living with HIV .

  • Lowest cost producer
  • More than a million patient demand for HIV drugs and HIV drugs are pretty high looking into concall and some reads got to know the price advantage that Laurus has.
  • South Africa markets looks very promising as i have myself stayed there and know the situation around
  • Good set of API & FDF
  • Good set of active API in list
  • Lookouts is for aspen their subsidiary - not sure about their growth
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Re-entered Pokarna @130

As definite the results were bad - going ahead there will be a better outcome.

Tailwinds : Anti dumping duty to Indian Quartz are at 2-3%

Sales - Sure to find out in next Quarter

Company - Has extended its capacity to double already running at 100% and if new capacity is completed as earliest then we can see double growth.

Scuttle Butt :
USA Sales
Recession/Liquidity in US markets
Price Entry barrier

Tracking Commodity List :
Ethyl acetate markets
Metformin markets
Electric wires & Harness
Rubber/Cotton industry

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Cipla - Highest holding since 3 months.

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Reduced Laurus today - Supreme court verdict have been pushed till next week October 5th carefully watching the markets.

FII - have exited the markets on 24th
DII - Are running the show

October 5th stands crucial : Moratorium

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How you know this that FII exited? Can FII exit in a single day?

It’s not possible to empty at once : But if you can notice all movements as highlighted for March 2020 and current ongoing exchanges (Trade) - you will see a pattern.

Once the bucket tilts over the heavy load of water shifts to heavy end, then we have a problem !! of water spilled over… No idea till when and at what percentages but keep a tab.

Hope this clarifies.

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Not a mature investor though above 2 video’s gives a clarity about current market situation.


  • US elections
  • Moratorium

Am not sure whether there will be a up move or down… can someone guide me here?

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PF - Update

Stock Price Current Price
Pokarna 137 137
Cipla 648 782
Cadila 410 440
Biocon 196 409
Rain 102 102
Alkem 2724 2822

Disclaimer : Am not a SEBI advisor nor this is recommendation

Nifty showed a gap up today

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Stock Price Current Price
Pokarna 137 137
Cipla 648 782
Cadila 410 440
Biocon 196 409
Rain 102 102
Alkem 2724 2822
Kei 331 331

Disclaimer : Not a stock recommendation nor a SEBI advisor - i may exit stocks whenever there is a change in parameters.

Cant make over my mind on Alkem as its a safe bet and results are good… there are some good companies in growth Trajectory - KEC | GODAWARI POWER | ORIENTAL AROMATICS | RACL GEARTECH | CHOLA FINANCE|CAMLIN FINE SCIENCES.

There might be headwinds going forward for NBFC companies as many who had considered opting for credit will not be able to pay
KEC - Construction : Might have a good set of order book however liquidity is a main concern
ORIENTAL AROMATICS : Good growth B2B business - assuming there was a correction exited at 380 (big mistake)
AUTO sector whereas RACL is majorly in tractor segment and also 2 wheeler gear segment - can be good bet (exited at 100) big mistake.
GODAWARI POWER : New in radar strong set of result shown
CAMLIN : Awaiting for company’s update on structural shift

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Updates : Invested in Oriental Aromatics

Am concerned while having comparison with SH Kelkar - The company has good turnover point the profit margin is good too - I largely feel its because of sanitizer business which was mentioned in concall where they were expecting 30+ crore. Their customer base is strong and leading player

Whereas in Oriental aromatics the raw material prices of camphor have come down - there is a good demand for camphor for pharma as well as flavors and fragrance.

  • Going ahead they would be having a structural shift from China to India.
  • Capex for next 3 years

Kanchi & Mangalam can also do well

Adani Green interested me however lookin into the fundamentals am backing off - am not sure why the stock is just running.

What interest me next is agrochemical and specialty chemicals : For now companies are doing well in this quarter due to the strong demand.

Watchlist : Dye & Intermediaries, Agro Chemicals, Specialty chemicals, OEM.

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Are you an Investor or trader?

@karthik_kamath_ : Investor

Portfolio addition :

Rain industries
Ester industries

Ester Industries : Company’s vision going forward is to achieve a revenue target of ` 1700-2000 cr and EBIDTA about 40+.

Company has entered into a long term agreement with Shaw Industries Group Inc, USA, a
wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc to supply circa 2,500 tonnes per year.

This year 2020 they were planning sales about 120cr, however due to covid constraints they couldn’t achieve targets they ended up close about 60-70cr… 2021 will the best year to reach the target…

The company is setting up a new capacity through its wholly owned subsidiary by the name ‘Ester Filmtech Ltd’ in Telangana with an investment of ₹1350cr.
In the first phase of the project, the company will invest ₹580cr to set up Polyester film capacity of 48,000 MTPA which is expected to be completed by the third quarter of CY 2022.

Company has 8 patent new products

High Entry Barrier : Due to 8 patent product.

Specialty Polymers : 30,000 MTPA
Polyester Films :
Mfg. Capacity -57,000MTPA
Polyester Films & 13,200 MTPA
Metalized polyester films : New Capacity of 48,000 MTPA to commence production by June 2022
Engineering Plastics 13,500MTPA Mfg. capacity

Finance data :

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