Neuland Laboratories Limited - Transformation towards niche APIs?

There has been a significant jump in revenue share of CMS segment from 33% in Q2 FY23 to 55% IN Q2 FY24. The company has attributed to surge in profits to shift from low margin Prime segment to high margin Speciality and CMS segments. Sustainability of margin will depend on speed of progress from P-3 & Pre-Reg./Reg. to Commercial production.
On the valuation side, the stock still looks cheap at PE of 24.8. However the big operators may cause the price to dip in short or medium term.


Neuland gets CADIFA approval for Mirtazapine API. Don’t know how much it will contribute but should add some crores in topline and exposure to Brazil market.


who is the innovator? or market size for the same?

Neuland Labs is working on KarXT along with regis technologies

2022- Annual Report-Karuna-Updated on Feb,2023


From Neuland Q2 FY24 Investor presentation,

Biotech companies are more aggressive in focusing on small molecules, hence they have a higher approval rate compared to Big Pharma companies, which are continuing to focus on biologics.

I used to assume that the biotech companies focuses more on biologics as they have bio in its name.
If they focuses more on small molecules, why did they have bio in its name?


Interesting development- USFDA has accepted KarXT for review under New Drug Application (NDA) submission for Karuna’s investigational treatment in schizophrenia.