Needl.Ai: On-demand truly seamless data access on the fly?


THE answer to on-demand, truly seamless data access on the fly - dream?
(Huge Data access/extraction/research productivity booster)

Well the passionate founders certainly think so.
(Integrates all our private and public data across chats, emails, notes, storage, subscription websites, and more - yes you read that right - even from our whatsapp messages!! ).

Delighted to present an Invitation from the founders, for the VP Community
(LIVE demo/webinar next Saturday, 8th May 2021, 11am). Block your Calendars.


Message from Kuntal and Vikram - Co-founders

Hi Everyone,
Hope you and your family are all safe and healthy amidst the ongoing pandemic.

Functionality Highlights of new platform Needl ( .

Today, the Needl preview is by invite only! We consider you as friends of Needl, who will help us build and improve the product and would like to give you exclusive access. Please note: Needl is currently an alpha product. This means some of the features are in progress and could change when it becomes beta and is eventually released for a ready to market.

We would love to schedule a video call with you on Saturday, 8th May, 2021 at 11 am to give you demo of the platform which we have built to assist Investor community. We would like to hear views, answer queries and discuss our features and use cases with esteemed members of the community. The details of Zoom meeting are enclosed.

Thank you for your time and look forward to interacting with you.


Kuntal and Vikram


Details of Zoom call

Kuntal Shah is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting
Launch Meeting - Zoom

Meeting ID: 927 8924 1151
Passcode: 615923
One tap mobile
+19292056099,92789241151#,*615923# US (New York)
+12532158782,92789241151#,*615923# US (Tacoma)

Dial by your location
+1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
+1 301 715 8592 US (Washington DC)
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
Meeting ID: 927 8924 1151
Passcode: 615923
Find your local number:


Needl Case Study.pdf (404.4 KB)


A much needed tool for the investing community; specially for investors who track a lot of companies, do intensive note-taking, and deep-dive into companies/sectors. A lot of our manual work of going through historical documents would more or less become redundant with time with features like contextual keyword search. I can see Needl moving towards that. This is as exciting as it can get. I am eagerly waiting for the demo. Kudos to the team at Needl.


this looks very interesting. is there a recording available for this session? Couldn’t attend it earlier


Recording will be made available for all who could not attend the call. Our apologies.
(I am aware many of us beyond the first 100 to login couldn’t - Team Needl sent in an apology that although they had a 500 user license for zoom, somehow beyond 100 connections got restricted).

Seems to be an excellent platform. I found the demo very effective …even surpassed my expectations on granular control. Those who could log in and watched the demo/asked questions, please feel free to record your observations - here in this thread.

The first domain - where - wants to build on their existing contextual search taxonomy engine - is Investing. Think we are lucky. It’s up to us investors to use this FREE product extensively and help build the investing vocabulary (our typical search terms) quickly, so that our deep searches become more and more meaningful, and highly productive. founders have promised us (VP members) a good enough free data package (subject to limits) to help that cause/help improve the product.

I am very excited to try out much of the functionality and see if makes me much more productive and proactive (latent data surfacing and catching my attention). Why aren’t you?

PS: I am satisfied about my data privacy and security based on certifications. I also like the fact that there is enough granularity to custom configure what I want to upload (and don’t) and share/collab with folks I enjoy working with.

Please use this thread extensively for feedback/functionality requests to Team Needl.


Thanks Donald and VP community. We had zoom license but something went wrong. On behalf of Team Needl, maxim mea culpa !!!

We shall be delighted if Team VP uses the product and helps us build a good one. Happy to answer queries if any.


Thanks Donald! Sounds quite exciting and encouraging. how does one get access to the platform? Would love to test it out.

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I have been using x1 albeit for a different purpose
Would appreciate a trial if possible

I did attend the session and indeed found the product immensely useful. I feel this kind of contextual search option has much widely applicability in areas such as EdTech, Bio-sciences, Taxation etc. (on top of my head). Waiting to try out the beta version. Kudos and best wishes @KuntalShah for creating this seemingly pathbreaking product.

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Thanks Karthik.
Watch this space. Team Needle is working out a prioritised mechanism for VP members who wish to access the platform.

Let’s give them a couple of days to fine-tune proposed mechanism.


Could anyone share the link for the recording.

Thanks in advance

The link was available on Youtube as they were doing live streaming but they have removed it now it seems.

Thanks for understanding and patience
Link to recording: We realized post that zoom webinar that YouTube video had my private data displayed and there was too much interference from unmuted participants. To cut a long story short i shall be doing another webinar with 500 capacity and YT streaming on a new needl user account created of anonymous or non personal data and then upload.


We are releasing the Needl invites in batches of 50 and few of you must have already got the invite. Please be patient while we give access to everyone in sequence


I believe you are referring to X1 Search - Find Any Document or Email in Under a Second ( mostly legal discovery use case) and related products. There are many desktop utilities and browser extensions which help you locate data from your email, drives, servers etc.

ours is cloud based solution which is a superior solution on multiple account

A) Your data is backed up, refreshed and accessible in your iPad and mobile and this is not possible in desktop/browser utilities . The utilities being desktop you have a whole back up to do. Backups also happen in different ways for example chat back up is a different discrete process than back up of you drive etc.

B) We have integrated your chats ( WhatsApp etc), forums like reddit, your Evernote, and subscriptions like Business standards and blogs like Valuepickr, Exchange and Sebi data, RSS feeds and host of other data source and more integrations will keep coming. Desktop utilities don’t allow you that rich data integrations and variety and hence usefulness is limited

C) We allow clipping, conversion of data, sentiment analysis, summarization, OCR and deep search within document an extraction of data at a click, something not offered by any to the best of my knowledge.

D) our search is out of world. we can search text inside image, multiple key words inside multiple documents and Audio/Video too. Just not comparable.

E) The most powerful feature of Needl is knowledge sharing feeds and team functionalities which will allow rule based automatic sharing of data and co creation of group projects, team work and community building. Watch out for that key value added feature which makes you more productive.

I could go on and on of why cloud based solution are better but I guess above is enough to differentiate superior value proposition of Needl to knowledge professionals.

Please find some tweets with example of powerful deep search and extraction across multiple documents. The desktop and browsers don’t have that kind of powerful indexing and processing capabilities and do shallow meta search is my understanding.


Thanks Kuntal for your updates. Appreciate.
Another webinar/demo soon will be useful for those who could not attend. A recording subsequently uploaded, will serve the needs for posterity admirably.