My Top Picks - May be Multibaggers

I searched analysed a few multibaggers candidates as below:

1 Prime Focus

2.Prakash Industries

3.JBF Industries

4.Tulip Telecom

5.Sasken Communications

6.Infinite Computer Solutions

7.IFGL Refractories

8.Chowgule Syeamship


10.Su-raj Diamonds

11.Microtechnologies India

12.S.Kuamrs Nationwide

I feel these small caps may become midcaps in coming 4-5 years, expecting them to be 5-10 baggers. Let us share our views if anyone finds any concrete reason why they can`t be multibaggers. I feel all these stocks have good margin of safety which is must in this market.

Disc.: I am invested in all these stocks mentioned above.

Would like to understand the rationale for Sasken. What made you think it will be multi-bagger? What is time-frame you have in consideration?

I was an employee of Sasken. There is a fundamental issue in Sasken - being a service company,it is focused only on telecom sector. I can safely say that this sector will continue to struggle for some time due to competition.

And Sasken with it’s strategy of not diversifying into other domains will find it hard to grow. Moreover, the management does not have any competent guys who can drive sales growth.

Sold out sasken :slight_smile:

I was looking at Prime Focus and looks like they have decent productsfor digitaliazation. What are your thoughts on this company. Did you look at this company in the recent past?


Hi Sajit

It has shown good growth in the history, however the recent past has been dicey due to industry conditions. But as you mentioned; the arrival of digitization will act as a major trigger and moreover prime focus has landed a multi-million dollar services deal with a reputed hollywood studio. This is indicative of the fact that their business in north america is set to boom.

Current price is quite attractive to enter for a long term.

i dnt think so that escorts is a gud comany to invest for long term… there is nothing there

in this comapny…the company is in a sector of where there are many big players like mahindra and mahindra , tata motors , lml,…there is no movement in this share for many years …

I understand that Tulip had a problem in repaying the FCCBs.

IFGL & suraj Diamond(winsome diamond) are really very good for investment


i have few multibaggers in my mind:

TV18 Broadcast [Buy at 26 Rs]

Jyothy Laboratory [Buy at 150 Rs]

Linc Pen and Plastics [Buy at 45 Rs]

new here but

from the abvoe ibf ind only that too to a certain extent fulfill the prerequisite to be a…

escorts then. but long investors not benefitted one of the oldest cos. inconsistent performance

invest in co with over 15 years of existence

continuity of dividend if not enhanced

these are the basics for layman investors

other factors like debt equity, roec second parameter

with all regards to all

this my first post here

jacob mathew

in market since 1985

IF anyone has report on LML pls provide . I believe that LML is next TVS MOTOR kind of turn around story. price suggest it.

This whole post is not up to the standard of valuepickr.

Out of my 2012 april Picks Escorts (10 baggers 70 to 700), IFGL Refractories (7 Bagger 40 to 280) Sasken (5 Bagger 100 to over 500) and a few got 100-200% return while a few vanished.