My Portfolio- Krishnan

Dear VP members, I’m Krishnan sharing my portfolio here for your valuable feedback. I’ve been investing for past 4 years.

I need your suggestion to optimise the portfolio with the quality ones.

S.No Company name Avg Price % of Total Remarks
1 Tata Consumer Products Ltd. 154 8.15 Remarkable performance,Huge growth potential
2 Tata Chemicals Ltd. 253 7.74 Cheap Valuation, emphasis on chemical sector
3 Federal Bank Ltd. 58 7.62 Very strong regional presence, good valuations.Strongly believe in good growth
4 CESC Ltd. 623 6.74 Very efficient management. Good business model.
5 Infosys Ltd. 693 5.39 Top IT player. Consistent perfomer
6 Cochin Shipyard Ltd. 351 5.08 Very low debt. Good order book and dividend yield.
7 Amrutanjan Health Care Ltd. 280 4.52 Ver good management,Potential growth in OTC and female hygiene products.
8 SRF Ltd. 1707 4.35 Quality player .Very good management
9 Tide Water Oil Co. (India) Ltd. 6451 3.36 Good dividend yield and debt free. Very low equity.
10 Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. 747 3.16 M&M is a good player for rural growth. But still
11 Ashok Leyland Ltd. 112 3.05 Doubtful of the growth. Please advice if I have to switch to another.
12 Petronet LNG Ltd. 250 2.92 Market Leader
13 Karur Vysya Bank Ltd. 85 2.85 Very Poor perfomer.
14 Bombay Burmah Trdg. Corpn. Ltd. 1096 2.77 Cheap valuation.Good holding company
15 REC Ltd. 114 2.64 Holding it for dividend yield
16 Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. 32 2.57 Hopeful of recovery.
17 Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. 1107 2.34 I believe Kotak is one of the best among private banks and less NPA
18 Spencer’s Retail Ltd. 76 2.25 Strong conviction for turnaround.
19 Tata Investment Corpn. Ltd. 691 2.21 Holding company at discounted valuation
20 Fineotex Chemical Ltd. 34 2.13 Debt free. Good growth and emphasis on speciality chemicals
21 NBCC India Ltd. 44 2.12 Good growth prospects
22 Ircon International Ltd. 74 2.10 Strong order book and India’s infrastructure player
23 Indian Oil Corpn. Ltd. 87 2.40 Cheap valuation
24 Cholamandalam Inv & Fin 200 2.40 Low NPA and good retail focus.
25 Star Paper Mills Ltd. 158 1.82 Expected it to be a multibagger
26 HDFC 1846 1.76 Strong management and good growth
27 Gateway Distriparks Ltd. 143 1.75 Hopeful of debt restructuring will bring back good profitability
28 BSE Ltd. 640 1.43 Asset light model.Planning to increase the holding
29 VA Tech Wabag Ltd 312 1.27 Infra player, regaining back investor’s confidence

Please provide your views on my portfolio and suggest to improve the quality. Thanks in Advance.

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Can you share some details on progress of female hygiene products? Their availability, growth rates, revenue and/or profits share of total?

They have Comfy napkins. The revenue from that was Rs.40cr out of total revenue of around Rs. 290cr. It has achieved a growth of 35% last year.

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You seem to be having bunch of cyclicals (M&M, Leyland, Jain, Star paper) and PSUs (IOC, CESC, Cochin Shipyard, NBCC, REC). You should have clear targets for these stocks as historically they aren’t good long term wealth creators so right entry and exit is crucial for most of these.

The stocks where you are carrying unrealised losses, see if you are finding any better opportunities to switch as only during market fall you could find good companies at reasonable price. Booking loss will also help to reduce tax outgo. I feel M&M, Leyland, KVB as good candidates for these, but wait for market fall.

See if you could consolidate your portfolio tail as you mostly deal with large caps, it make sense to bet big on stocks were you have higher conviction.

Also don’t just go by PE (I did the same mistake of giving more weightage to PE during stock selection but later figured out that its just one of the key dimensions and not the top criteria to go with).


I m go through your portfolio & more specifically your remarks column speak truth. You have good portfolio. You & I hold common stocks ( ashok Leyland, cesc, Infosys, rec, kotak Mahindra, Spencer’s, Indian oil, HDFC) which I hold like you from past 4-5 years for nearly same average price but different weightage.
It’s not advised but just suggest to you reduce weightage of PSU & auto companies & invest in bank, financial services, pharma stocks, whenever you get opportunity. Better if increased weightage of Infosys, HDFC & get rid off ashok Leyland, Indian oil, Karur Vysya, rec, Jain irrigation, finotex chem, nbcc, star paper. That would also help you reduce total number of companies.


Thanks for your views. I have no exposure to Pharma stocks. I will get rid of PSU’s and try to pick some Pharma stocks.

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Thnx a lot, :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

@krishnan_chockalinga Thanks for your articulation and sharing your PF. I hope that you must be having your investment strategy in place and you have done enough research on each and every stock of your PF. Its very difficult to comment on your individual stock because you alone knows why you bought and when you are planning to get rid of stocks. What financial goals are you trying to achieve?

If I am you and if my time horizon is more than 10 years of holding investment than I would never keep following stocks in my PF: Tata chemicals, Federal Bank, Cochin, Ashok leyland, REC, Tata Investment corp, NBCC, Indian Oil, Karur Vysaya bank. Other companies I dont have any idea.

Some stocks are common in my PF like Infosys, HDFC, Chola, Amrutanjan, Petronet which I think are worth keeping for long term bets in PF. If you wish you can refer my PF for reference.

Happy investing.