My long term portfolio

Hey !!

Views are invited on my current portfolio. Have got into stock investing 8 months back . I don’t like selling my shares like to behave more as a shareholder of a company. Will post my portfolio , and would like senior boarders ( all are senior to me here ) to guide me . In the process , I am sure my learnings will be enhanced.

Share Average buying price. Percentage

Granules. 97. 38%

Ambika cotton. 907. 22%

Repco. 665. 16%

Canfin. 670. 14%

Shilpa. 465. 7%

Seven. 258. 3%



Good concentrated portfolio. Pharma weight is little too high. Consider buying one or two banks & some consumer stocks.

Good businesses. You have 38% in Granules. Depending on how much absolute cash is in that…it is high number anyway. I assume you are monitoring the business like a Hawk. :grinning: and willing to take corrective action at the first sign of trouble. Else you will get very expensive education in the virtue of diversification. :grinning:

Thanks @vijayM and @giridesh3 .

yes , the weight on pharma is quite high as i am quite bullish on small cap , well managed pharma companies due to the patent expiries in 2017 and more so on granules as it has least USFDA worries . i did not find time to look at the recent observations (3) on granules recently an shall do it this weekend.

the other sector i believe will grow in a country like india is HFCs and well managed companies shall have a great time for the next 3 years at least. that is why the weightage on these two sectors.

willing to add shilpa and repco on dips. suggestions invited …

two shares tracking closely and shall add when fully convinced ;

  1. oriental carbon and chemicals

  2. kitex garments.

there is a thread on both the above shares which i have read , but inspite would like suggestions if any…


I am holding Oriental carbon from lower levels. Still holding and will hold for some time. I think valuation is not that compelling as in the past but not excessive also looking at business.

I do not own Kitex. Check the valuation before invest in this. Much hyped stock now. Prof Baxi has written poems on this company. They sell children clothes to Walmart etc. No one has grown very rich selling to Walmart. They squeeze sellers. That is my Bear case for this stock. Otherwise good business so far.