My 5 Picks

Texmo Pipes

I invested in this stock at 18.00 , the new production of CPVC and with market expansion, the stock looks promising for investor.

The only thing I worried about is the promoter shareholding and company interest in exploring new business opportunities in

mining sector. Somehow I felt, the management is committed to put this company in right direction

Basanth Argo

The company seed business is performing good and after betting on the corporate options on demerge , I have entered at 8.4


I have entered here @44

Indian Toners

When I was searching in screen , This stock has popped in. Keeping the pure technical parameters I have entered at 104.

I am in search for 5th stock, When I have finally decided to invest in mirza , in another day it jumped from 43 to 48 and I did miss this boat. I am presently exploring Piccadilly Argo.

Please do share your views.


What was the investment rationale for each of these picks? Why you got attracted to each one? What did you see in each of these stocks that made you think these are good picks? You have not shared details on either your reasons or thought process when you chose these stocks. Please share your investment thesis for each pick. Only then you will get constructive feedback.