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Not much significant,not even 0.1 %

I am not sure these stream of news story updates are that useful. I understand you are invested and I hope it does well, but you seem to be looking at this only with a rose-tinted lens. It will be helpful if you can also highlight what are the things to watch out for.

I had invested earlier at lower levels and exited when it went up. I didn’t really find a good reason to hold on at 180-190 levels. Will the Aasirvad IPO (not sure when it’s finally happening) make a difference to the stock? What’s the rationale?

Munger at it’s best … no doubt projections are always at risk of going wrong.

I was going through the concall of Muthoot … where management guided 15% growth but delivered 20%, whereas Manappuram guided 20% and delivered approx. 19%.

No wonder, Muthoot command double the premium vs Manappuram.

Overall quantity bought is 3,50,000 shares (worth approx. Rs. 6 Crores) which seems (for me as an individual) to be a peanuts considering the worth of Mr. Nandakumar.

Consider it from a point, a promoter earning handsome salary from listed company, earning approx. 75 Crores in dividend per year but reinvest just a fraction in his own company (where his family own 35%).

Reason → Either he don’t think, company is under-valued; or he is finding better opportunities to reinvest his earnings; or he is leveraged where most of the earnings are used to service personal debt.

Last time Mr. Nandakumar bought from Market in September 2022.

Note: I reinvest entire dividend back in Manappuram.

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there wont be much difference as manappuram will be a holding company when the aasirvad grows may be it will be reflected in the manappuram stock but as of now this is a long term bet maybe more than 3-5 years

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Muthoot is a much larger company almost double the AUM with more customer centric focus and more assets per branch so lesser compared to overall AUM % wise more aggressive marketing they are opening more gold branches 150 per year ,what works best for manappuramis microfinance as they have extended it to only some of the branches 20 % only right now i believe so execution is the key if not this they should grow gold loans

as the promoter buying i see it as positive i don’t have reasons why a promoter should invest fully back in the company

valuation is attractive though

invested though

What is holding manappuram in recent rally post election results? I think holding corporation issue creates obstacles after Asirvad listing. I don’t know why prompter want to go for holding corporation route for Asirvad listing. Is it makes better control over newly formed company? Any experience person can share his/ her views on this.

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