Logistics' sector - the next boom

I believe that our country is gearing for a boom in the logistics’ sector. The present boom in the railway sector would eventually pave the way for the logistics’ sector on the whole. The Indian logistics sector is way far behind China. We primarily depend upon roadways for most of our logistics’ needs. This is expensive as most of the trucks work on the fossil fuels. Railways is by far the cheapest mode of travel, and hence it it essential to focus on this first.

Which services form the part of the logistics’ sector, directly and indirectly?

  1. Railways - Goods train
  2. Shipping - transportation through the waterways
  3. Warehousing - Storing the goods
  4. Infrastructure - Development of infra for logistics
  5. Ports - for arrival and departure of the goods
  6. IT - Tracking system, improving efficiency
  7. Electric Vehicles - especially the trucks and multi-axle vehicles

Please share your thoughts if you agree/disagree with this.


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