Krsnaa Diagnostics - what is the diagnosis?

It is 1.841 Cr for 6 months as listed in the disclosure. 37 is written in the remarks section (not sure on what it means).

The rental is for the registered office of the company (below screenshot from AR FY22)

Note that this has been approved on July 2020, which is before Krsnaa got listed.

If I am correct, this is the corporate office for which the rent is paid.
Krsnaa Diagnostics, Mahavir Chowk, Chinchwad, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra 411019, India

Below is screen grab from AR FY22.

The rental price is similar to last 2 years as you can see from AR FY22 disclosure. Good thing is that the rental payment didn’t move much in last 3 years. I am not sure of market rate for office buildings in that area. Still, this related party transaction does seem unusual and is something to ask the management in earnings call if anyone is planning to attend. As long as it is within agreeable market rate, I don’t mind this as it exists before listing of Krsnaa.