Krishna kumar Portfolio

It’s been long time that i wanted to update the portfolio:

Mayur Uniquoters - 34%

Page Industries - 24%

Titan - 14%

TTK Prestige - 12%

Hawkins - 8%

Unichemlabs - 5%

Whirlpool - 3%

The recent runup in mayur has been the reason for the huge holdings.

looks like a heavily TED flavored portfolio.

Excellent stock picks . Only thing one needs to consider is valuations at cmp and then look at future returns prospects.


Welcome our veteran TEDdie ThomsonKrish at ValuePicker :slight_smile:

Krishna has been truly prolific in maintaining a concentrated portfolio and the way he follows every minute details about his portfolio companies is something really admirable.

Truly a superb portfolio, I wish I had a similar one specially at the unbelievable prices Krishna has bought these.

Way to go!

Hitesh ji,

Thanks for the feedback. i am a vivid follower of your threads both in TED and Valuepickr.

Except unichem and whirlpool which i added recently, all the stocks mentioned have been held for the last 2-3 years, though i have been averaging in dips. TTK started accumulating when it was 500+ and page when it was in their 1000+ range.

I started investing some 4-5 years back with the absolute duds like compact disk, relcom, rel,reliance etc…and paid the tuition fees to the market for correcting my mistakes.


did not know you were the thomsonkrish of TED.

great portfolio.

Hitesh ji,

could you share me your active email id? I have been trying to reach you through mail for long time.

I think you can reduce page and mayur and add hawkins hawkins i think will outperform both of these . You can reduce TTK and add Kaveri seeds , TTK earnings will peak very soon .Overall very good portfolio with high ROE


Hi Shashi,

Kindly share why you feel TTK earnings will peak soon. What I understand from various reports and discussion is that the stock has matured in terms of P/E re-rating and not earnings. Hence forth it will move in tandem with earnings.

I know everyone’s advising to reduce Mayur position in the last few days. However my advice would be to add on more to other stocks to bring down Mayur allocation and not by selling Mayur.

Page bought at 1000+ levels should be held for life. Period.

(you can create a fresh portfolio with the dividends alone :slight_smile: )

Hawkins has been steadily rising but still no announcements on the pollution front, Kaveri looks like a good buy at these levels. ( high undervaluation + medium conviction )

Hi Rudra,

Could you please share with me details of TED forum (url etc). Keen to leverage that forum as well for my stock research.




looks like a heavily TED flavored portfolio.

Excellent stock picks . Only thing one needs to consider is valuations at cmp and then look at future returns prospects.

Booked partial profits in TTK Prestige. Added Whirlpool.

The reason i booked partial profits in TTK is got some updates that sales were dull in september. So should get a better price to enter again.

Whirlpool i am looking for margin expansions in the quarters to come.

I still hold a good chunk of TTK Prestige.

added whirlpool.

Good call on TTK Prestige.

shashi you seemed to be the one to indicate that the earnings might have peaked.

good call from both of you.

booked partial profits in hawkins. converted them to unichem and ajanta.

sold ajanta and booked profits. Bought at 380 odd. Would like to add in unichem.

Added hawkins…

added hawkins by switching part of whirlpool. booked partial profits.

added unichem