Kiran's Concentrated Portfolio

ValuePickr Members,
I started investing in equities very late in my career. Though I knew this asset-class 20 years back, I never put enough efforts to learn, research on businesses & sectors.
Like other investors I too had a rough begining, fortunate enough to experience 2020 fall in short span of period.
Recovered most of my relaized losses, I am now all set to compound my Concentrated Portfolio. I am in 40s and have following allocations:

Stocks - 9 Nos.
ETF - 1 No.
MFs - 3 Nos.
My allocation is👇

As I am accumulating ETF via demat account - I am treating it as my 10th Stock. I dont want to stop SIP in 3 MFs, as they have given me 20% above annualized returns.

I have slowed down pumping in fresh capital since March 2021, I now wait for susbtantial correction & add more qtys of portfolio stocks. In current correction I infused some fresh capital. So far all looks good for me.

I have a term insurance, medical insurance outside office, funds to take care of growing kids & never touched my Provident Fund.

Other asset-classes I am considering to invest is in Gold/Silver (physcial) & Crypto-currency.

Objective of investing big in Concentrated Equity Portfolio is to transition my self from middle-class to rich.

Any views there?


Vedanta looks out of place in otherwise a nice quality portfolio. It’s a cyclical commodity company with a promoter who is minority shareholder unfriendly.


I think the PF is missing some of the decadal themes such as real estate, chemicals and pharma. I would perhaps rethink allocation between ITC and USL (same consumption theme) and perhaps try to have more chemical / pharma names.

chemical & pharma I dont understand - had DF exited. Sequent is the ony stock in Pharma space, Laurus I was contemplating.

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you can add some EV theme stocks like tatapower ,tata motors, tatva chintan , sona comstar etc.

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I have KPIT & RIL.
yes thought of adding Neogen & Tata Power eralier.

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no NBFC or bank!
any reason for not involving?

Bank stocks I have invested via 3 MFs:
Parag Parikh Flexicap Fund
Mirae Bluechip Emerging Fund
Axis Flexicap Fund


You should take a look at GPIL

Your portfolio and all your answers to above comments shows your mature thinking. I personally like most of your picks and as @akash_das mentioned, Vedanta looks out of place here. Not much understanding on HFCL & Sequent.

HDFC Life - Clear market leader
USL - Clear Market leader
ITC - Clear Market leader
Reliance - Clear Market Leader
KPIT - Emerging Leader (Time will tell)
Sequent - Looks like a leader in its niche but not sure as complex business environment compared to my limited knowledge. May not match with above names
HFCL - Not sure about its business and its position. Does not match with above names.
Vedanta - Looks like a Trading bet than a portfolio stock.
CAMS - Its business is not as pure as an AMC or insurance. It seems to position itself as a platform/digital tech player…question that we need to ask ourselves and time would tell if it really is a Platform/tech company.

Looks like you mostly built this portfolio in last 1-2 years? If you started late, then are you gradually allocating any other asset class capital to equities now or all this is from incremental capital by salary?

Overall a mature way to start and build your portfolio! Good luck


No rating companies??any reason sir

Thank you, @Investor_No_1 ,
Vedanta - is not a short-term play I want ride this with commodity cycle. I also see huge value unlock with demerger of their different businesses.
Sequent - :slightly_smiling_face:, wait & watch. Story seems to be Good.
HFCL - My buy price is between 20&30, I am not going to touch it. I am aware of their dark past.
CAMS - looks interesting to me, in coming days their revenue for non MF Businesses grow…

Portfolio is pretty young, started in 2018-19, went through massive churn…

Utilizing this correction - added few qtys.
SIP I have never stopped.

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Vedanta - is not a short-term play for me, I want ride this with commodity cycle. I also see huge value unlock with demerger of their different businesses.
I am aware of management not very friendly with minority shareholders. Thats the risk I am carrying.

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In a year’s time, I am expecting this allocation👇

Why increase in Vedanta?

Not increased qtys the price has gone up faster than others.

Alright… You are not expecting yourself to add any stocks to your portfolio?

I have already added substantial qtys - so not much space for fresh capital in this asset-class.

yes…demerger can potentially unlock value…one can come out of all positions after demerger if investor is not comfortable with promoter.

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Pick the best stocks until you hit the bottom of your cash holdings minus 15% (buffer). Churn some portion of the portfolio based on vertical movements or no movement or stop losses.

Looking at past 15 years of forums, groups, chats and other methods of collaboration, this is the MOST common topic of discussion that in my opinion has a varied answer. People with small portfolios are going to easily have a concentrated portfolio, whilst people with big portfolios (over time) will keep on growing the number of holding. I am talking about holdings in stocks for sure, but also of other asset types.

I do not believe in limiting myself to x number of stocks, y number of bonds, z number of FDs, and a number of rental properties. Do what is right by the picks that you find as the best gems, turn them into diamonds with some holdings, get some dividends if possible, and as part of a churn of the portfolio, just keep doing the in and out. Part portfolio should be trading 15% to 25% depending on size, and rest should be long term (for liquid type of assets). For real estate it should be a 10 year hold of upto 10 properties (max) under a self-management model.

Not writing more since it might become irrelevant and have answered the question of Kiran’s Concentrated Portfolio.