KDDL (Ethos Watches) - Scalable business model at an inflection point?

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Walking the Talk in terms of results. Good Margin expansion. Keeps on adding brands to the retail mix.

The secondhand market should be the kicker if they get it right. But its a tough business to get into in terms of sourcing and authenticity.

Only worry is why did transfer Silver city stake for such a low amount.

Disc: Have been invested in this before. Rebought around 2350 couple of months back in family accounts. More of a short-term play since they sold silver city.


This is the result for ETHOS right and not KDDL? or is the thread same for both?

Yes, it is for ethos. Separate thread is not there

For the last few days promoters are selling their stake in Ethos, in KDDL concall they said their goal was to reward their shareholders through dividend and they do plan to keep at least majority shareholding in ethos, since there was no cash requirement as such in KDDL does it mean that they feel Ethos is kind of overvalued currently?

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Thats a good observation. There is quite a bit of contrast in Promoter’s shareholding pattern of KDDL & ETHOS

Just sharing the snapshots from screener.in


Ethos rating upgrade from A to A+ by ICRA


Same thing for KDDL

KDDL Limited : Ratings upgraded to [ICRA]A+(Stable) / [ICRA]A1+ from [ICRA]A(Stable)/ [ICRA]A1

KDDL Limited.pdf (435.7 KB)

KDDL - Board meeting on 9th July to consider BUY-BACK

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KDDL Buy-Back price fixed at 3700/-

The buyback of up to 2,37,837 (Two Lacs Thirty-Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty-Seven) fully paid-up equity
shares of the Company, each having a face value of INR 10/- (Indian Rupees ten only) (“Equity Shares”), subject to
approval of the shareholders using a Special Resolution through postal ballot, representing up to 1.90% of
the total number of equity shares in the paid-up equity share capital of the Company, at INR 3,700
(Indian Rupees Thirty-Seven Hundred only) per Equity Share (“Buyback Price”) payable in cash for an aggregate
amount not exceeding INR 88,00,00,000 (Indian Rupees Eighty-Eight Crores only) (“Buyback Size”) being 22.35 %
and 12.06% of the aggregate of the fully paid-up equity share capital and free reserves as per the latest audited
standalone and consolidated financial statements of the Company as of 31st March 2024, respectively.

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