Jagran prakashan

Btw the company is sitting on huge property assets (long term) as well; I have done a high level DCF a while back with base case at approx.140rs/ per share.

Also, huge short term investment property (260cr fair value vs 90 value on balance sheet).

Reverse dcf shows market expectations is 4% degrowth.

One of the antithesis is the a/c receivables that mgmt have recognised in annual report last year 339cr. Outstanding as of mar 2021.

Disc- invested and biased.


Receivables is the nature of biz and again every co. vl have receivables issue in this period. That’s also pretty much priced in ( has fallen more since I last posted ).

Against that there’s an added kicker of revenue sharing optionalty wid Google/Meta. If dat happens, thn tide is going to reverse much quicker than anticipated.

P.S :- Receivables this period - I meat that fr almost all cos. the receivables in FY 22 & probably FY23 will be higher due to supply chain issues.

Disclosure :- Same as above.

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Interesting information from Q4,22 DB corp. Con-call.

  1. Approx. 10-12% copies considered permanently lost as bus stops/railway stations stopped subscribing.
  2. 20% increase in Advertising rate is coming in
  3. Auto segment ad spend is down due to inventory not being available for sales; should return something in H2-22

Do you have the details of these property assets? In which city ? what is its net asset value ?