ITC: "Will"(s) "Gold Flake" assist "Ashirwad" to win "Bingo!"?

Indeed good quarter for ITC. However FMCG other margin has shrunk to 7.8%, I think it was around 9% in previous quarter and 8% previous year. But still good one considering high inflationary environment. Let’s see how next coming quarters unfold in terms of FMCG other margin.

Disc - Invested.

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ITC exits from lifestyle retailing business

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Some pointers from the results.

  1. Revenue from agri beat revenue from cigarette in the current qtr.

  2. Net profit from paper is now much higher than agri and FMCG.

  3. FMCG others business is lagging on every parameter. Requires hardwork and concentrated effort. FMCG results have been disappointing.

  4. Hotels have had a good turnaround. Sentiments will change if the profitability rises.

  5. Itc infotech results are in-line with other it cos. The management is looking to divest but I am of the opinion as a shareholder that the divestment should not happen unless ITC Infotech is beating LTI, LTTS, Mphasis and Mindtree on most parameters.


The inclusion of hotel Samrat is not clear. Plus the hotel is to be given on lease for 60years or 99 years without the adjacent land parcel.