ITC: "Will"(s) "Gold Flake" assist "Ashirwad" to win "Bingo!"?

BAT is interested only in the cigarette business. If they dump any demerged entity like FMCG, it can easily be taken over by bigger competitors. ITC management wouldn’t want that.


Can you pls share some reference of this Buzz, I couldn’t find it anywhere. I feel the run up was more to do with untouched taxation in new budget and expectation of improved revenue and margins in FMCG.


It’s a paid article. Can you please share full story here? Or anyone with subscription can maybe? Thanks!

Good initiative undertaken.

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ITC to set up Young Digital Innovators Lab

I have a very basic question. I see lot of articles, old and new, and lot of concerns, old and new, on apprehension that gov or ITC management may not want BAT to have controlling stake in ITC. The doubt I have is - why is that a big deal? BAT is no mismanaged organization but an MNC just like say the biggest FMCG of India is Unilever owned and biggest spirits company is Diageo owned so what’s the big deal if biggest Tobacco company would be BAT controlled? I understand that maybe top management of ITC would not want it (if at all they don’t want it) because of any cultural/any other reasons but Government is just an investor and they would be happy to divest and get the best bang for their money or dilute stake gradually as per their needs. What would go wrong if BAT would control ITC for government or ITC management or anyone else when we have HUL and Diageo United spirits of the world around us? Thanks


I hope the below article provides some answers to your questions :-


Thanks for posting article. But it is very old 2002.

I think a lot has changed in last 18 years. Nevertheless it is a good read.


PPT for Q3 FY 21


ITC on Thursday reported a 11.5% year-on-year drop in net profit to ₹3,662.85 crore net profit for the quarter ended on 31 December, 2020. The cigarette-to-hotels major posted a net profit of ₹4,141.93 crore for the corresponding quarter last year. Consolidated profit in the corresponding period stood at ₹4,050.4 crore.


Cigs margin 60 percentage for Dec 20 against 67 percentage for Dec 19

Why Cigs margin dipped as now rev is also in line YOY? Seems no explanation in the presentation as well.

Any idea any one?

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Excuse my ignorance. How can revenue from hotels be -134.89%, means negative revenue? “Negative revenue” would imply that the company is paying its customers to take their products, not just giving the products away as free samples. Did that happen because some ITC hotels rooms were used as COVID isolation wards?


Can anyone tell why the Agri business despite decent revenue increase has lower profits yoy. Many people like Agri business of ITC and vouch for echoupal…what went wrong for it this Q that its profits fell despite surge of Atta, biscuits etc.?

@Rafi_Syed There seem to be some discrepancy in the revenue and profit data you have posted. Attaching the snippet from the presentation. Could you please check



Not sure if this was mentioned before, ITC has entered Dishwash liquid segment through nimeasy. Saw a banner in my locality and found that they had mentioned about it in the Q3FY21 presentation.


Searched for this in my local supermarket. Couldnt find. Hardly a surprise though! any ITC product be it biscuits or soaps is very hard to find. They occupy a very small space in large aisles.


Over the past few weeks, I have seen ITC aggressively pushing its frozen foods portfolio at Mumbai’s cold storages. Mega-packs of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian products are being stocked and easily available. The pricing is however premium with several local brands available at cheaper rates. I am told that exclusive distributors have been roped in to push the frozen foods portfolio since cold chain is required for it.


Where are you from? I am from Kolkata and I find ITC products easily in our locality (ITC is headquartered in Kolkata). The dishwash is a new release and may find shelf space later. I didn’t inquire about it.


In Ahmedabad, Even in good localities we don’t find Yippie or Bingo easily. The only product I can see is Sunfeast. Mainly Dark fantasy.

This bit disappointing but looking from a different angle… ITC clocked 12K FMCG food revenue without being available at many places… imagine the growth if/when it will be available everywhere like Britannia, Nestle products.