IREDA: Renewable Energy Powerhouse

I don’t get it sorry, haven’t they freshly added this to the fund?

Check The total number of shares, combining all the fund…the difference from Nove-Jan is 6 crore shares.
Nove-12 crore
Dec- 7 crore
Jan- 6.6 crore

SBI PSU added 32 lakh shares in Jan

Thanks got it now. Do we need to wait for one quarter to get FII & Public holding data, or is there any other way?

Yes but that’s true for large cap funds also.
Fund managers don’t have any compulsion to buy overvalued stocks. In small caps there are always pockets of value so a smart fund manager will allocate money there, booking profits in the overheated counters.
Stock holding of these funds is available publicly and you can see changing weightage and mix of their portfolios.

The DIIs/FIIs holdings are updated every quarter (usually within the first month) and can be seen on screener or NSE/BSE websites.

You can also check on Zerodha Coin the portfolio mix of these funds. Just type the name of the funds and it will show the stocks with their respective weightage in the portfolio.

@Ascendant I’ve 30% allocation to IREDA. I can hold it for 2-3 years. What’s your view? Should I book profit or hold it? What will be target for 1-2 years?

I don’t know what percentage of your Equity PF is compared to your Net Assets. If it is high, then 30% allocation to IREDA is quit high (But reasonable given you invested 10% initially and it 3x). I would suggest to book profits and reduce allocation to 5%.

Well the stock has indeed corrected 30% from this post, and it looks slightly less overheated, but given the current jitteriness in the market pre-election and steep corrections in PSU stocks, I’d still wait and watch. Valuations are still on higher side but nowhere as crazy as they were 1 month ago and stock was enjoying huge euphoria among retail.


Hi Hemant,
What is ur valuation basis for IREDA? Just curious because I don’t find proper book value in Screener

From balance sheet you can find their book value.

IREDA Q4 update

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