Investing In US stocks!

Hey Investors!
So as you know from the heading what are the questions I am looking an answer for!

  1. Which brokers provide this service? I know only Groww and INDmoney, any one you use?
  2. I have a bank account in BOB so conversion fee & transfer of INR to USD in my US demat account will be how much approx?
  3. Recently, the news came about NSE IFSC, so any thoughts on that?

I use Stockal & Vested.
For Stockal if you have HDFC/ICICI Bank account, you can remit online using these accounts, otherwise for other banks you will have to download pre-filled form 2A (Stockal will do it for you) and you have to submit it to your bank branch. Forex conversion changes, commission etc are high.

For Vested, they have introduced a facility called vested direct. You can transfer minimum 50$.
For this please read the below link.


We already have a thread for this at
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