Is there any way to Buy Stocks in US market from India?

I am an Indian citizen and want to invest in some US companies.
But i am not able to find any broker who can provide me that facility.
If any one of you know such broker .
Please let me know

I think there are some mutual funds.

Kotak securities lets you buy US stocks.

Hello Abhishek,

Could you explain how? I have Kotak account but I haven’t seen this feature.

Thanks for the info…
I just called their costumer care to open the account.
But they are saying they dont provide such services.

You can buy ETF - Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares NASDAQ - 100 ETF Fund

One should consider exchange rate fluctuation also.

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You can open an account with Interactive Brokers ( Leading broker in US ). India operation website is

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Do you know if anyone open account with Interactivebrokers from India!


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You can open an account with a broker in US and transfer money to that broker under liberalized remittance scheme of RBI. You are allowed to buy upto $200k USD per year per person. Please verify this limit with your bank. Your bank should let you remit money from your account to brokers account in US.
I am client of IB India but my account is set up to trade only on NSE but I think they can open another IB global account that will let you trade on all exchanges they are a member of.
I think ICICI Direct used to offer trading on NYSE not sure if they continue to do that. You have to find a broker who is member of the NYSE or NASDAQ. Someone from the big brokers in India must be offering that but they should be costly.

Thanks Yogesh. Would you have any thoughts on how income taxes work on earnings from this? Thanks.

Global income is taxable in the hands of Indian investor. Accordingly, the gains arising on sale of shares on NYSE will be taxed in India. If you pay any taxes in USyou can claim the tax credit.,

Income tax is payable in US only for those ordinarily resident in US…for those investing from india, no income tax is payable but income tax has to be paid in india at full slab rate in case of short term capital gains ( less than 3 years)…the exemption for capital gains after one year is not applicable…income tax on us stocks would same as that applicable for debt mutual funds

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Yes you can open an account with Interactive Brokers US entity, however mention that you are an Indian citizen for tax calculations purpose (as dividend is taxable in US) and also check with your Bank regarding funds transfer as there is a limit for overseas funds transfer as per RBI guidelines.

HI All

Please let me know if anyone already using such account from India to invest in US markets. I called couple of brokers but known of them aware of such services. If you have direct contacts in ICICI Direct / Kotak M Bank. Please share details with me. I would like to open the account


I’m using Drive Wealth platform for purchasing US stocks from last 2 years.
Account opening is simple and you can purchase shares on your android phone or iPhone.
They charge flat $2.5 per transaction.


Most of the top tier banks, brokers will offer this in wealth management services. ICICI Direct was the first to offer this and I’m not sure if they or any other local players offer this anymore.

Do consider the customer service or lack of it, if going with the options available.

You’d wish Robhinhood was in India.

Yeah brokerages like ICICI securities are providing the option to invest in US markets from India but the minimum amount to deposit on the account are found to be very high.

Sorry to wake this sleeping thread, but its been one year on this…

I wanted to know what are the current broker options available if we want to invest in US/worldwide markets.

Please check out the app ‘Vested’ on the play store. Also advice you to read the FAQ before making a decision. offers Bluechip stocks of US Market.
ICICI Direct offers overseas trading on major exchanges. So does HDFC Securities - through its Global Investing platform.
However, NOT ALL STOCKS listed on Nasdaq / NYSE are available on ICICI Direct and HDFC Global Investing :frowning:
As long as you are looking forward to invest in the major large cap players, I think Vested and HDFC Global Investing are good options.
Interactive Brokers gives access to most stocks - few are red flagged by their risk team - But it charges minimum 10USD per month for account maintenance. I felt Interactive Charges are higher than ICICI and HDFC. Vested is the most economic option for bluechip stocks.

If you intend to have a specific (micro or small cap) stock - then please check with the folks before opening account.

From the response given by @RedEPS, it seems TD Ameritrade is the go to company for buying specific micro cap or small cap stocks.