Investing Basics - Feel free to ask the most basic questions

Nothing in particular but sometimes it could be useful information to have.

Can anyone suggest any spreadsheet or software where you can add all your investments. Equity bonds FDs etc. it calculates weightage etc.
And it doesn’t takes your personal data.

Hi, any easy way to calculate the portfolio CAGR/XIRR over a period of time or any app which can do the same?

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NASDAQ ETF is provided by Motilal, Kotak etc.
Any idea of USA S&P 500 ETF?
Motilal offers S&P 500 index Mutual fund, am looking for S&P 500 ETF.

Why are you looking for ETF? It makes little difference between fund vs ETF unless you are short term trader. Anyways, there is no S&P 500 ETF but there is S&P 500 top 50 ETF from Mirae Asset (NSE Code MASTOP50) which is almost similar.

I want to buy directly from NASDAQ. I want to buy one or two company(s) and keep it for a long time (a decade at least). I am not interested in any other stock/sector since they are not from my industry. Please can you point me to an article that I must read for tax implications and the kind of hassle involved?


Please ignore - Found Is there any way to Buy Stocks in US market from India? - #48 by Parth_Karia

In many finance related companies like banks, nbfc, they keep on mentionning a term called technical writeoff. How does this term differ from usual writeoffs

How to identify turn around stories? For eg., Moschip. It has started showing improvements. Or is it deceiving? Any expert views on Moschip plz?