Improving the quality of discussions on ValuePickr

Lately, we have been noticing a very large number of posts with 1-2 lines of “tweet”-like comments which most of the time does not add any value to the discussion in the respective thread. Also, a lot of price charts are being put up which can lead forum members towards a short-term trading direction. One of the reasons, ValuePickr is so highly regarded is the quality of content the forum members put up as a community. My request to all is to maintain and exceed the standard. This will not only benefit us all individually but will benefit the community as well.

One/two liners without substantive information, logic or rationale is to be avoided and multiple such posts from a member will lead to a suspension.

We encourage technical analysis only in conjunction with some business related view, information or analysis rather than posting price charts. Recurring deviations will be suspended. You can post charts on thread specifically created for technical analysis rather than putting it on the individual company threads.

In addition, please avoid appreciation messages, instead go for the like button. Also, refrain from using harsh and abusive language & maintain forum discipline.

Maintaining the standard is all our responsibility. Let us make an effort to make ValuePickr better.


Is it possible to embed Grammarly App to the website? If, by default, the App suggests people to correct their mistakes while writing posts, the quality of posts would improve.

I feel moderators are judgemental. Some of my posts and also of others (who contradicted my view), have been deleted with no clear justifications.

Why don’t let us be a bit more democratic? Here is my proposal.

Let the forum members flag the posts as they feel and if more than 5 flags a post receives, then the post gets deleted. Some times we may suffer because the opposition is strong, but let it be. But we will be democratic and not judgmental like it happens now. In the end all of us are judged by others without exception and lessen the load on moderators and the forum is self policed.

By my proposal, I mean no offense to the Moderators and appreciate their contribution.

At least we can try it on experimental basis. I know I am rocking the boat here. And most of us like the status quo to persist.:pray:

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Of course moderators are judgemental :slight_smile: All the moderators do it for the love of the platform and on a part-time basis. With the number of posts that are put everyday, it is not possible to go through every single post. If a post has been deleted by the moderator, please introspect why. It is not always possible to give reasons to the deletion due to paucity of time.

The flagging mechanism leverages the community participants and already works in the way you have suggested.

ValuePickr today has a very wide reach and a lot of influence on the minds and investment decisions of a large number of people. The credibility of the platform is very crucial.

Also, it is important to remember that in a democracy, there are also duties & obligations of every participating member. One of the most important ones is to maintain the standards of the forum. As I have mentioned in the main post, frivoulous, no-specific, non-value-adding comments may be flagged and deleted to enhance the readability of the threads.

Lastly, like in quizzes, on ValuePickr, the moderators decision is final :slight_smile:


Sir, this is more of a query,
Posting the price charts regarding important levels of breakout or breakdown by the price action on the basis of moving averages and fibonacci series etc on individual threads , which might always not be related to new developments in a company fundamentals, acceptable ?

Not in company specific threads. However, you can out them up in some of the technical analysis threads.


I had gone through your deleted posts and most of them were one liners and they hardly add any meaningful value to the stock discussion.

I got a recommendation from a Moderator about my comments, which were NOT 1-2 lines, and not repetitive if one can dissect what I was saying.

In reality I am part of so many forums that I do not really care to share any ideas in any more, but since I am relatively new at posting, I wanted to find out the ‘guidelines’ which is NOT made clear at all here.

Please put DO’s and DON’Ts here as good moderators do, and if there is a listing and a FAQ, please do send me a link since I did not see it above, and this should be the place where someone would come to first to get the guidelines.

The comments did not lead me to understand with ‘objectivity’ and ‘subjectivity’ does not work when it comes to ‘social networks’.

Finally, hope that you do not turn-down newbies to a point where they create a negative bias and that is exactly how competitive forces are built and disruption hurts. Instead, improve with clarity, ensure transparency and be kind. No amount of information can make millions for anyone on any postings. It is the actions behind the information that makes a difference, and quality input/output is critical to it.

Thanks for listening and hope you can look at my comments with positivity as well as constructive thinking. And, you can post some or all of my recommendations above. I will return next week to teach myself your rules and continue…




Please go through the following links:

The objective is to ensure that VP remains as open, transparent and accessible for serious investors as well. However, you will also appreciate that since it is an anonymous forum, we need to be cautious because it is very easy for members to be misled by premeditated posts. The responsibility is for all forum members to be courteous towards others and tolerant of different opinions. That is one of the building blocks of being a good investor.

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