Deliberate SPAMMING!

We take a serious note of deliberate SPAMMING. Following member has made the same post in multiple threads opened by him. ACTS like this are not only discouraged, but will lead to automatic suspension of Member.

Mr Rakesh alias Raghunath Reddy is being suspended, with immediate effect.

Members like Jatin Kalra, Vinod MS, Ankit Gupta thanks for your continued vigilance in keeping the Forum clean. With help from more folks like you, we would like to keep the Forum’s culture intact, open and democratic - without heavy restrictions on postings/etc

Please keep a mental note of SPAM emailIDs like this one. This is the same one suspended earlier for violating IP of other research providers.

Posted byRakeshat Friday 11:25

Please send email to me with your name and contact number. I have some multibagger ideas.

Member “Whatsup Prahalad” has been suspended for his brazen disregard for VP norms - for continuing to spray multiple threads with what seemed like a focused agenda on pushing Jayant Agro - despite polite hints from Members and well-meaning advise from Admin.

We take a very serious note of spammers - his membership is suspended.

Posted byAdministratorat Saturday 21:10


Several Members have politely hinted about your SPAMMING several threads with what looks like your agenda with Jayant Agro.

Despite objection from Admin you have persisted with the spraying around same message in multiple threads. If you were really serious about exploring/discussing viability of Investment in the stock, you would have followed up on Admin suggestion of starting a thread on Jayant Agro.

Your membership is being suspended with immediate effect.