How to register with SEBI as a Research Analyst?

Hello Chaitanya,

Yes, SEBI registrations exists for Institutions as well. Any one who provides research/recommendations should have a RA registration.

Individuals can perform RA duties as individuals only. They have to get re-registered as Institutions/Corporates if they decide to form a company.

In such (complicated) cases though, I will also recommend you to contact professionals who help in RA registrations.

Ashish Arole

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hi can someone share the SEBI link for registering as a Research Analyst. thanks

I’m working in full-time job in IT sector, have a 2 year MBA Finance degree and cleared NISM-XV exam, and full fill all pre-requisites for SEBI RA registration. Can SEBI deny my registration on grounds of having a full time job in IT sector ?

I was specifically asked if I had other job and whether being an RA was intended to be my full-time gig. So there is a possibility that SEBI will ask you the same.

I cannot comment on whether SEBI can reject the registration based only on that issue. Do be prepared to give a detailed explanation as to how you can do 100% justice to being an RA while continuing with your IT job.

Hopefully someone with experience on this will also respond.


Hi, I’m a Chartered Accountant with 4+ years of experience in M&A Investment Banking. Yesterday, I passed the RA exam, so wanted to understand how much time I have to wait to receive the certificate.
Currently, on the portal, it is showing as Certificate Status- Pending.

I am confused, which RA exam are you referring to? The NISM one?

Hi there

Yes SEBI has the right to reject your application if they deem you are not committed to RA activities. I was quizzed on this for multiple months as I was working a job and was overseas during time of application.



@Ferrari1976 Yes, the SEBI Research Analyst exam.

I just checked, I had appeared for the exam on 6th October and received the email from them with the certificate on 9th. So you should also get it after 3-4 days.

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Based on my experience as a RA, i can concur that being an RA is a full-time job (if you are a individual RA).

I have a B Tech degree and market experience of 8 years.

I have filed ITRs for all profits I have made through the years.

Will this count as relevant experience for RA certification?

Is PG mandatory?

@Ferrari1976 please help

how are you going to prove market experience? Just investing is not considered as experience.

If you have work experience related to stock markets (and this can be intepreted openly), then 5 yrs is needed to clear the expereince part.

If you have PG related to finance, accounts, then work experience is not needed.


As Ashwin has cleared, investing your own money is not relevant experience from SEBI’s perspective. You will need a PG in relevant fields to qualify.

After the self-registration, how long does it take to get the login details and all?

Do you have any idea about this?

What login details are you referring to?

SEBI is asking for 3 years of IT return but I have only for 2 years. What to do in this case?

Those 2 years include FY 24 also? If not, you can file ASAP and that will suffice?

Not registered.

That includes FY 24. I filed last year and this year.

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Hi any update on this ?