How to invest directly in mutual funds

whaths the best way to directly invest in mutual funds ?

keeping in mind to handle various funds and various files ?
doing it all online
ease of use/ least pain possible to use

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First get your KYC done. After that, you can invest/sell directly with fund houses, that will ensure minimal overheads. Many service providers like CAMS provide consolidated account statements based on PAN number, that will make monitoring and management easy for multiple funds together.

one of the cheapest way to invest in direct mutual funds is with zerodha…u can buy from almost all fund house from their they only charge 59 per month for just using their platform which i think is very reasonable

I use fundsinda for mutual funds investments. There’s no charges, it’s free. They have almost all the fund houses, but coin by zerodha doesn’t have all (Ex: they don’t have Franklin Templeton fund house).

You could also try

fundindia does not offer direct funds.

You can invest in direct plans through CAMS and Karvy. They serve most of the mutual fund houses.

try its new and zero cost

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You can directly go to the mutual fund website , register and fill the form. and can purchase directly from mutual fund portal. Its very easy

You can use MFUtility ( It is completely FREE and backed by AMF

I am using it for more than a year to invest direct funds. It has most of the fund house. It is easy to buy and sell funds.

Refer below link for more detailed steps

Complete Details about investing mutual funds direct and online

Coin by Zerodha. Have been investing since couple of months. Upto 25,000 INR, there won’t be any fees for investing into direct funds. After 25,000 INR, a flat fee of 50 INR will be charged per month. You can also invest in non-direct funds through Coin, but you end up paying high expense ratio. For long term, the expense ratio matters.

@srinu610132 if i can ask apart from transaction , what else are you getting from COIN?

Didn’t get you. Can you please elaborate

was thinking of doing in
anybody having experinece in it ?

or any troubles u faced?

why to pay money when u can get things for free…either invest directly though AMC websites OR apply for CAN from mfu OR use CAMS or KARVY

I have been investing via Invezta for the past 6 months. The platform is quite good and have not faced any issues till now. I had a query on changing SIP dates once and their helpdesk responded within half a day.

The first 50k of investment is free and they are supposed to charge a flat monthly fee after that. I crossed that limit a while ago, but still have not been charged anything (at least nothing that I could find).

I have tried many platforms in past but have settled for MF Utility. It is easy, simple, industry owned and completely free. If you want your MF in non demat mode then this is the best platform.

If you are an KYC complaint investor then entire process of onboarding is paperless. Once you get your account, you will have to email them a request for online access and it will be given to you. After account opening all existing folios will also get pooled in.

Hope this helps.

Recently there has been lots of advertisement of holding the mutual fund units in Demat. Even the monthly NSDL statement has started showing that info now.

My query - How can i hold my units in Demat if i am invested in SIP directly from the MF house site? is it same as holding in Demat?

Demat services of different brokers do not show Direct plans as brokers act as intermediary.


You can request your MF house to convert your units in Demat by filling in required forms. However, most MF houses don’t encourage that as it makes redemption difficult. I moved away from Demat earlier to now MFU umbrella.

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