How to do step-by-step fundamental analysis

Hi All,
I am an experienced electrical engineering professional with 25+ years of experience in power plant and oil & gas industry. I am investing in Indian stock market for the last 22 years based on fundamental analysis and research report from and other brokerage firms. I have done “Security Market Analysis” 6 month online course from P.N. Vijay academy, Delhi in 2009 and 3 month’s course “Final Analysis Technique & Equity Research” (FATER) course from XLRI Jamshedpur in 2018. I can read the Balance sheet and P&L statement of the companies from their Annual Report. I devote time for this analysis along with my existing work as electrical engineer. Now, I wish to do equity research on full time basis and I am looking for suitable guide/mentor for doing work.
Can you please suggest suitable options to get more experience for equity research and gain more confidence write my own equity research report?
Have you come across any course which give step-by-step practical experience to write research reports based on fundamental analysis of companies?
How can we use the forum more effectively to achieve this objective? Any comments/suggestions please reply to this message.
Shailendra Pal


use dr. vijay malik site


Thank you Jagjit2!!. I heard about Dr. Vijay Malik, but never attended his workshop.

I also see that he is using excel sheet based on the data derived from website. I also use the similar excel sheet, but find it challenging to calculate the future profits based on qualified assumptions.


Check here,

You will be amazed by the quality of analysis available for free by Sir Ismohit Arora(School of Intrinsic Compunding).