Hindware Home Innovation Ltd on to rapid growth post demerger?

Let’s pray the later is lot sooner than we think
Or else it wont take long for havels to take away heir market share
Since they are expanding with huge share in Kitchen ware market

Infact they appointed Inflame for OTG and Chimney contract manufacturing

I feel the moat they have is being taken by them lightly

Just companre Cera and Hindware

How they have diverged from their main business to other business just because its Lucrative

Are bhai lucrative to Bulb lights bhi hee abhi fans k sath woh bhi banaoge kya? This is for a company whose sole purpose should have been selling chimney and kitchen tops

Imho if you want to play Hindware better to go with Inflame, the prudent capital allocation there will ensure that your capital is deployed properly
And if by chance havels takes over Hindware in market share inflame has win win situation for both cleints

Its like heads i win, tails i win stype of situation


Ratings downgrade.

Ceo resign is Big red sign?