Hindustan Foods

Hindustan Foods Limited (HFL) recently announced its financial results for the quarter and half-year ending in September 2023. Here are the key points:

Financial Highlights for H1FY24 (First Half of the Fiscal Year 2023-24):

  • Revenues remained steady at Rs 1,297.1 Crores in H1FY24, compared to Rs 1,262.3 Crores in H1FY23.
  • Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA) increased by 29% to Rs 106.9 Crores in H1FY24, up from Rs 82.7 Crores in H1FY23.
  • Profit After Tax (PAT) increased significantly by 42% to Rs 48.0 Crores in H1FY24, up from Rs 33.8 Crores in H1FY23.

Financial Highlights for Q2FY24 (Second Quarter of the Fiscal Year 2023-24):

  • Revenues remained stable at Rs 677.0 Crores in Q2FY24, compared to Rs 663.7 Crores in Q2FY23.
  • EBITDA increased by 26% to Rs 55.6 Crores in Q2FY24, up from Rs 44.0 Crores in Q2FY23.
  • PAT increased by 31% to Rs 24.7 Crores in Q2FY24, up from Rs 18.9 Crores in Q2FY23.

Operational Updates:

  • A new factory in Guwahati, Assam, dedicated to juice production, is progressing well and is expected to begin commercial production in the fourth quarter of FY24.
  • The company’s plans for the Soap & Bars project have been commercialized since the first quarter of FY24 and are ramping up successfully.
  • An upgrade of the beverage facility in Mysuru for a new MNC customer has been completed, and commercial production began in October.

Other Updates:

  • The company is raising Rs. 400 Crores through preferential warrants for future growth.
  • HFL plans to invest up to Rs. 100 Crores in the sports shoe manufacturing sector and has executed a share purchase agreement to acquire 100% share capital of KNS Shoetech Pvt. Ltd.
  • The Board has approved an investment of Rs. 75 Crores to set up a new Greenfield Ice Cream facility.
  • The acquisition of the Baddi factory has been delayed due to regulatory approvals, and the management now expects to complete the transaction by the end of Q3FY24.
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They are infusing more capital through its new fund.

one says exiting, another says infusing more funds. confusing.

PE funds have a shelf life. So they did sell from one of their older fund. However, in recent capital infusion announcement, it will be participating through its new fund. Hope its clear.

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Update on Business Transfer Agreement (“BTA”) with Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare India Private Limited (“Reckitt”) for acquisition of manufacturing facility of Reckitt.

d7d942e9-7e77-4100-9db6-6a7e8d6c1e53.pdf (180.9 KB)


Point A )KNS Shoetech Private Limited Wholly owned subsidiary (w. e. f October 01, 2023):
Has entered into a Business Transfer Agreement (BTA) with SSIPL Retail Limited (“SSIPL”). This agreement entails the acquisition of manufacturing undertakings previously owned by SSIPL, located at Bangran and Bhagani in Himachal Pradesh as well as Kundli in Haryana. The total outlay for the transaction was more than Rs. 100 crores with the BTA amount of nearly Rs 77 crores. The facilities are catering to key customers like Puma, Reebok, Asics, Sketchers, etc. This acquisition marks a noteworthy expansion for KNS Shoetech Private Limited and Hindustan Foods Limited within the sports shoe manufacturing domain. This strategic move underscores the company’s commitment to enhancing their manufacturing capabilities and strengthening their presence in this sector.

Point B): The company will set the goal of Revenue of Rs 4000 Cr in FY26, the estimated revenue of FY 24 ~ 2600 Cr± with PAT margin ~2.70%. The important part of the last’s commentary, they have an ambitious target of the PAT margin ~ 3.5%. So interestingly to watch two events revenue and margin improvement on quarter on quarter. The company has a good liquidity position on cash.

So wait and watch the Q4 numbers and management commentary on business.

Some of the interesting facts on Q3 commentary

  1. Why Gross Block is one of key parameter of FMCG company?
    Some key aspects on gross block of commentary:
    I would like to highlight that in the last 5 years, our gross block has grown fivefold to more than INR1,000 crores. This has been done on the back of both greenfield expansion as well as M&A. This strong foundation is now enabling us to plan for new investments that will set tone for the future growth over the next few years!!!
    We will invest around INR800 crores, INR900 crores in gross block in next 2 years. Some of it already been in public domain, the ice cream factory or the shoe business or Baddi and all those things. And the fundraise, which we have done, coupled with the debt which we take and also the internal accruals will fund this growth for next 2 years.

Assume at the end of the FY26, Gross block will be 1800-1900 Cr and 4X assets turnover means ~ 3600 -3800 Crores turnover in future. (The company target of 4000 Cr, which one match on this concept)

  1. In addition to the continued investment in the FMCG business, like our new ice cream plant in Haryana, the new beverage plant in Assam and a few others that we are working on, we’ve also been working on opening up adjacent sectors where we think we can grow. One of these sectors is OTC pharma and health care products in which the company has identified certain M&A opportunities. : This one apart from existing unit at Baddi.

  2. The other sector that we’ve been bullish about has been the sports shoe category, where we are seeing some tailwinds due to the government policies and global trade movements. To leverage this, we again have decided to go the route of inorganic growth and have identified some M&A opportunities, which should help us scale this business sooner. They have already announced on 01.04.2024.( :heavy_check_mark:perfectly tick)
    Now after the shoe acquisition, and I’m talking about maybe a quarter from now, we will have a slightly larger take in terms the gross margins for a couple of reasons. One, that there is a lot of shared manufacturing as far as the shoe business is concerned. And the shoe business functions in a completely different way. The shoe business will become sizable in the next, let’s say, 6 months. And post that, I will come back to you with some kind of definite guidance in terms of
    gross margins. (Improvement in Gross margin means bottom-line to some extent will be improved)

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Assume at the end of the FY26, Gross block will be 1800-1900 Cr and 4X assets turnover means ~ 3600 -3800 Crores turnover in future. 4x asset turn on 1800 means Rs7200cr and not 3600cr. need to rectify.

Correct, thank you !!! but this is 2X @ FY26!