Hemant Surgical Industries Limited

Hemant Surgical Industries Ltd. (HSIL) - New SME IPO with Market cap of Rs. 94 crores.

It is in the business of manufacturing/importing/assembling and marketing a comprehensive portfolio of medical equipment and disposables.

Its product offerings cover a wide spectrum of equipment and disposables required for (i) Renal Care, (ii) cardiovascular disease (iii) respiratory disease, (iv) Critical Care and Radiology and (v) Surgical disposables.

It is a new SME IPO which is yet to list on the exchanges.

Raising 25cr -All fresh issue (No OFS)

Post IPO - Promoter holding at 74%

Impressive Last 3 year performance -
Debt down from 15cr to 7cr

Revenue up from 60cr to 112cr

PAT up from 1cr to 8cr
PAT margin from 1% to 7%

IPO valuation - very reasonable at 12x PE multiple.

ROCE and ROE at 32% and 38% respectively

Found one old credit rating report which gives some information on the company- https://www.icra.in/Rationale/ShowRationaleReport?Id=112211

At IPO price - it will be at Rs. 94 crores of Market cap

I am more attracted with the numbers for last 3 years and ROCE of 32%

Please add further if anyone have further information.


what date it is coming for IPO.