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Dear All

Has anyone got any idea about the quality of service provided by HBJ. How good / bad are there recommendations. Any other service one would recommend ? How is impetus advisors.com if any one has any experience with them?

When you subscribe to such services, you must see the performance/track record. Both HBJ and Impetus don’t have good performance. I had subscribed to HBJ earlier. HBJ recommended stocks two years back that are down some 80-90%. Like Sumeet Industries and Confidence Petroleum. Three months back I shifted to Prudent Equity.com. As of now making money on all the stocks. In Vinati Organics I made 60% on average.

They are cheats.I have had very bad experience.Don’t look at them.

You mean HBJ Capital and Impetus?

This refers to HBJ CAPITAL

Thanks alot these hbj guys are calling me dialy.

Dear Mohammed,

The fact that they are calling you daily should ring some bells. When someone is promising and delivering stellar returns, they dont need to sell their services aggressively. Investors will see results and come themselves.


Dear all,

This guys HBJ Capital are absolutely thugs n cheaters…They keep calling you continuously…they get your numbers from somewhere n keep calling n troubling you…i know one of my friends who take their derivative package n was duped…

Please install true caller applications n block them…



HBJ capital servises are good but investors need to understand their products. If u subscribe for intraday and F&O then u must understand that it is pure gambling and no one ever became rich by gambling so these packages will always put u in trouble. But since HBJ is a commercial organisation with a motive to earn profit from their business they have such gambling packages because such packages are in huge demand by traders and they dont want to loose this business opportunity but seriously u cant make any money in intraday or indisciplined F&O tradings. The real money lies in buying stocks with huge value and sitting tight after buying and keeping them for atleast 1 year. In this regard HBJ capital has a Multibagger Package and a Hedge fund package.And both these packages are awesome. 90% of the recommendations of multibaggers give 80% to 500% return. I am myself subscribed to this package and am very happy with the returns. But yes during bear phase of market the midcaps dont move even if they have huge value in them so people have to sit tight with quality midcaps for good times to come and reap the harvest. There is a long list of Multibaggers with turned out to become 4 or 5 times in 1 or 2 years after HBJ recommended them. Few examples are Cera, Wimplast, NBCC, Ramco system, polymedicure, tree house, manjushree techno pack, avanti feeds, rs software, etc

Can others comment on various subscribed services they use? I am new to VPr and I see that the official VPr picks had hugely run off and I am about 3 years late. Kitex is the only new official pick and even that ran up before I cd get in. Looking for VP ideas

By the way Rahul Chauhan could u please tell me the month and year when HBJ recommended Sumeet and Coonfidence petro because i searched their entire list of stock recommendations from 2011 to 2014 but could not find these two stocks.

Two reports from pathetic HBJ Capital that you could not find



You could not find it because may be they don’t want to show their past bad performance. In Bull market, it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.


I have just taken their service two months back due to the promises and service they offered to be good (as per their claim). Unfortunately once they have your money, they will not take your calls or respond to your query. They just dumb a research note in their log in portal (they claim to be the best) and I find personally, it is not worth subscribing to their service.

HBJ Capital is a cheat…I had used their service in the past and they are not worth the time…their service and research is pathetic…and they will chase you for money and forget after that…BEWARE…

HBJ Capital is a cheat…I had used their service in the past and they are not worth the time…their service and research is pathetic…and they will chase you for money and forget after that…BEWARE…

HBJ Capital is a bunch of fraudsters. Only somehow interested in duping you with 100% false promises. Never ever fall in their trap. They will claim unrealistic things which are never achievable. In one of the blogs by one of their own employees they have confirmed that they will give a ‘buy’ recommendation to someone and a ‘sell’ recommendation to another one. One of these two has got to be correct. This way they continue to dupe customers. The so called analysts are just unemployed people from the streets who are set targets to get customers and in turn earn revenue for the company. The targets are generally un achievable. e.g. Rs. one lakh. If you cannot achieve it you will be fined and the fine recovered from the salary of the employee. So the fraudsters earn money from outside gullible customers as well as from their own employees.

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I have heard good reviews of Paul Asset from one of its subscriber…its review in mouthshut.com is also good…also jainmatrix seems to be good…there are a lot of very costly service…but Paul Asset is cheap and good

I think equitymaster.com people are frequent visitors to Valuepickr website as these days they are recommending many stocks which are discussed very extensively on our site :wink:

even saral gyan also seems to get ideas from valuepickr.com