Harsh's Coffee Can Portfolio: Views Invited

Hello @sujay85 @Himanshu_Nigam

Please pardon my delayed reply.

Trust me, Your insights has been delight to read and knowledge for me. My investment rational was based same on good old numbers, Increasing sales, profits, margins, Good Roce and Great Balance Sheet and so on and so forth and Slump Sale of biopharma, performance materials and life science (BPL) business to Merck which is capital intensive.

I agree to your line of thinking and there should have been simplification of Products and listed entities.
But each company has had different history and different minority shareholders. Indian Shaving products Ltd became Gillette India in 1984 and P&G (US) acquired Gillette in 2005. Also erstwhile Merck became P&G Health. When all is said and done, i agree that Corporate structure and Prducts should be simplified . .