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P&G doesn’t have much experience on OTC medicine front, except Vicks (under P&G Hygiene). And there also they were successful mainly on the ointment, spray, inhaler and candy category, but were not successful with tablets or syrup category. The reason I can fathom is the lack of doctors’ connect through (MR route) as people usually take tablets or syrup after consulting with doctors. Now P&G Health products are mostly tablets & syrups. So, there is a possibility of less success here too unless they mobilize a MR team.

The main strength of P&G has always been excellent branding & distribution, and I hope the acquired Merck’s portfolio will benefit from that. However, branding and distribution can take you only upto a scale after which you’ll need more products in your stable to keep growing at a good pace. Now, I am sceptical about P&G’s competence on becoming successful at launching new OTC medicines and make them popular like the original Merck’s brands.

Also I suspect their willingness to launch a potential good product through listed companies given that they haven’t launched any new products under their already existing companies. Also they have a sufficient product overlap across the listed companies. For example: Nasivion is a Nasal Decongestant under P&G Health whereas Vicks has Sinex Decongestant that serves the same purpose. I suspect that P&G may become less aggressive on one or both the products to avoid cannibalization. There are many such products overlap in the listed companies which always puts me off.

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