Green Hydrogen- The ultimate Green Fuel- Indian companies that are leading the Green revolution in India!

Anything newly developed may involve safety issues , but then it is a part of new technolgy evolving process.
When CNG buses were introduced in 2000, several CNG Buses caught fire at initial stages . But the design thereafter was made robust. The CNG pipe line joints were made leakage proof. It is no longer considered a safety issue.

But Hydrogen fuel vehicles design is almost 20 years old. It is new. Only thing is it was not mass produced in large numbers due to cost reason. If we are targeting Green Hydrogen to cost 1 USD a Kg, then both Hydrogen fuel cell and Hydrogen IC engine could be a reality as mass production

Adani in pact with Ballard for Hydrogen fuel Cells

Hydrogen fuel cell would be used for producing electricity which would drive Automobiles. No need of any battery.

Hydrogen fuel cell can also be used to produce electricity from Green hydrogen at renewable sites of Solar, wind hydro

Only two companies namely Reliance and Adani are two pvt sector companies who have declared for betting on the entire renewable value chain of Renewables - solar / wind, Green hydrogen , Hydrogen Fuel cell. Reliance is also in to Sod ion batteries.
Tata Power is another player who is in to Solar/wind, Yet to announce for Green hydrogen and fuel cell

An interesting take on some ratios demonstrating hydropower has best ratio if we are looking at green or environmental friendly. According to this article hydrogen is negative or not eco friendly.


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L&T & ReNew already had a joint venture. Now Indian oil seems to have joined !
With Indian oil joining and Indian Oil can bring in much needed Govt fund to deploy , the Trio can do wonders to the Green Hydrogen project

NTPC has awarded the standalone fuel cell based 50kW micro grid pilot project with hydrogen production using electrolyser to bloom energy India pvt ltd - Bengaluru

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Great video on Learning about Green Hydrogen

Why NITIN GADKARI is pushing GREEN HYDROGEN for Indian Industries : Green Hydrogen Case study - YouTube


Good stride by GAIL in Hydrogen foray.