Green Hydrogen as a Fuel - Indian Companies leading the Green Revolution

Sterling Generators is not SWSolar. It is a different group company of Sterling and Wilson.


thanx …got it corrected

Now World’s first Synthetic Diesel from Green hydrogen -project backed by Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos of Amazon

Synthetic Diesel production from Green hydrogen is called e-fuel.
You would be wondering we want to get rid of Diesel , so here comes Green hydrogen.
But why diesel from Green hydrogen ?.
Intersting !
if in the process of Diesel manufacturing from Green hydrogen , carbon dioxide can be captured and used up during the process of manufacturing diesel. such a diesel is called e-fuel.
when e fuel - Diesel is used in existing IC engine it emits same amount of carbon dioxide. so the entire process is carbon neutral.
Will it not be expensive process ? yes it is , but you don’t need to change your existing fleet of diesel vehicles with hydrogen vehicles which is more expensive

Green Hydrogen Pilot Project for Automobiles- RIL, Tata Motors, IOCL to be key bidders

The pilot project will help identify operational issues and gaps in terms of technology readiness, regulations, implementation, infrastructure and supply chains.

The H2 corridor project seeks to support the deployment of hydrogen-powered buses, trucks and cars in a phased manner. The successful bidder will be given funds to close the viability gap due to the higher cost of the hydrogen-powered vehicles in the initial years.

Bidders must participate as a consortium or partners to ensure the entire value chain from making hydrogen and dispensing it to running vehicles, as per the report. The consortium should include a vehicle manufacturer, hydrogen fuel supplier distributor, as well as other partners.

Reliance is partnering with Ashok Leyland, and Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, while Tata Motors is partnering with IOCL as a consortium. Ashok Leyland is also reportedly partnering with NTPC.

RIL to lead massive Rs 1 lakh crore investment in green hydrogen, ammonia units at Kandla - The Economic Times (

So it begins. Since Model code of conduct is ongoing, allottment and final decision is pending.

RIL and L&T lead. But Welspun looks a good bet if allottment gets confirmed.

Any thoughts @1957


my view is that if Modi Govt comes for the 3rd term, the entire renewable /Hydrogen pack will do well.for next one decade

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Idk if this is the right forum, but I’ll ask anyway.

Do people have a strong opinion on the whole Module manufacturer vs Solar EPC co’s debate on valuation front?

Although ALMM does protect module manufacturers but you never know when the regulations could change. If the installation pace doesn’t keep up with the asking rate do we even have a choice but to allow the Chinese supplies?

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Good question!

As far as my knowledge goes, It is a catch 22 situation for solar panels.
China is the world’s lowest cost producer of solar module.
India is yet to achieve economies of scale to reach that cost advantage and hence it is cheaper for India to import Chinese solar panels.

So Indian solar manufacturers were making losses and they complained to the Govt and the Govt imposed 40% BCD (basic customs duty) on solar panels and 25% on solar cells from April 2022.

By this , imports were curbed. But then our manufacturers were not able to meet the growing demand…So again the govt encouraged imports by reducing customs duty to 20% of solar panels…Now again after one year of 20% duty , solar manufacturers have persuaded the govt to curb imports as they are making losses.

. So the govt again is increasing customs duty to curb imports.
So what next we need to watch

Coming to the valuation of solar panel vs EPC , both business get affected by solar panel.

At room temperature, ammonia is a colorless gas with a very pungent odor . This odor is familiar to many people because ammonia is used commonly in cleaning products and smelling salts.

I tried chatgpt to check, if ammonia can be liquid at room temperature…i found following.

N2(g) + 3H2(g) ⇌ 2NH3(g) >> this reaction is done with catalyst.

After the reaction, whole mix of gases r cooled down, causing the ammonia to condense into a liquid. Un-used H2,N2 goes back in process. The liquid ammonia is then separated from any remaining gases and purified.

The form of ammonia – it typically exists in a liquid state at room temperature and pressure, unless stored under specific conditions where it can be maintained as a gas.

In short it says, ammonia can be liquid at room temperature,

You might be referring to Pure ammonia which is a colorless gas with a pungent odor ?

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Theoretically speaking Ammonia can exist both in Gas and as liquid form. It may be a Gas at room Temperature. you can produce it in a lab or it can be a bye product in many industrial process. Ammonia perhaps is the only Gas which can be liquified very easily at 20 degree C and 7.5 bar pressure. It is very easy to liquify it due to the strong hydrogen bondage between molecules.

So Liquid Ammonia is the preferred mode of storage , handling , transportation by Road tankers , rail & ships. Ammonia liquid transport by road tricks /tankers known to men since 100 years due to its utility as fertiliser to produce DAP and urea.
So, Ammonia is popularly known in its liquid form.


Hydrogen ICE engine that can run on CNG and Petrol - Multi- Fuel engine made in South Korea

Ammonia can’t be used as fuel directly because it act as an irritant at 25 PPM and is lethal at 500 PPM levels.

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Ammonia toxicity is known…but not Lethal at 500 PPM. Exposure to 2500 to 4500 PPM for 30.minutes could be lethal.
Ammonia is in use since more than 100 years.
(1) To produce fertiliser - DAP, Urea, Ammonium nitrate , Ammonium sulphate
(2) House hold cleaning
(3) pharmaceutical industry
(4) As a refrigerant
(5) As hydrogen carrier
(6) Directly as a fuel in trasport.

Ammonia Toxicity - StatPearls - NCBI Bookshelf.

GAIL’s first Green hydrogen Project starts production of Green hydrogen

The unit is expected to produce about 4.3 metric tons of hydrogen per day, with a 10 MW PEM electrolyser imported from.Csnafa

Read more at:

What is price per metric ton for Green Hydrogen. Unable to find exact pricing.

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According to Nuvama Institutional Equities, Solar energy cost of Rs 2.8/kw and 55 kw required for 1 kg of hydrogen, green hydrogen cost could be $2.5 per kg. Furthermore, the yearly maintenance cost of the project stands at 1 per cent of project cost.

So ultimately its still chump change at 4.3*1000 * 300 *365 = 500 Crores per year. Gail has annual revenues of 1.3 Lk Crores.

They Need minimum 430 MT per day to make the business relevant in terms of revenue. Even then it will be just 20% of revenue and profits after lets say 10 years.

Green Hydrogen for now will not make any difference in moving these companies. Its more a long term play.

Need to reconsider the euphoria perhaps.


I’ve recently published a post on Hydrogen Economy on substack ( some relevant facts for this thread:

Hydrogen is an Energy Carrier , not an Energy Source.It’s energy content per unit of mass (specific energy) is higher than most hydrocarbon fuels. In contrast, its volumetric energy density is the lowest. So you either need a huge volume or alternatives being pressurization or liquefaction before hydrogen can be used as a fuel. (i.e. challenges in storage and transportation)


Potential use cases of hydrogen include consumption in:

Hydrogen Production

Green Hydrogen is already cost-effective in India for Industrial Use: See accelerated adoption of Green Hydrogen for existing use cases in Ammonia, Refining, Methanol and Steel

Source: Avendus Report “Green Hydrogen the New Frontier in Energy Transition”

Materials critical to modern-day living such as steel, ammonia, cement, and plastic have no substitutes and cannot be decarbonized with electricity alone. Green hydrogen completes the decarbonization puzzle.