Green Hydrogen as a Fuel - Indian Companies leading the Green Revolution

What will be the ancillary play for hydrogen ?

Sometimes there are some ‘authorities’ using muscle power to close a discussion, thus spoiling opportunities

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This link will throw some light to your question !

Round the clock renewable energy @ Rs 6 per unit

By the end of 2023, China will control half the world’s installed capacity of electrolysers

While we are racing ahead with Production of renewables at a time when Hydrogen Electrolyser capacities are yet to be built up to scale, the world is looking for BESS ( Battery Energy storage system) to store Renewable energy for using later and Li ion batteries with its high energy density quality are preferred choice.

However, As usual China seems to have understood it correctly. Li Ion battery rare earth elements which are scarce and found in a handful of nations is going to be in great demand both for EV & BESS.

They seem to be ready with Green hydrogen Electrolyser capacity . They would like to Rule the world with half the world’s requirement.

Top 5 Renewable Energy Stocks to Watch Out in Nifty’s Run to 40,000

Few comments with reference to the above post

Why many other renewable energy stocks are missing in the blog which you perhaps expected,?

Only large cap renewables players seems to have been considered.

Why IOCL is considered renewable player?

Among all PSU, IOCL is investing heavily in to green hydrogen , 2,G ethanol , CBG etc. or else they have to close and wind up their shops down

Why NHPC and SJVLM not appearing in the watch list though they are aggressively investing in to renewables solar wind hydro ??

True , but still they are mid caps. They may become large caps if the capex continues and they execute well. Both players are fully backed by finance co like PFC/ REC.

whether PFC REC are considered renewable players though not appearing in the watch list?

In my view, Both are proxy to renewables., but in midcap catagory…

Discl: I may have investments in some of these stocks discussed , hence I may be biased.
It is not a buy sell recommendation. Pl do your own assessment before investment.

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For Green Hydrogen , you need pure water. This is one of major requirement for Green hydrogen.
In this sense, I see Wabag as one of best company to invest.

Contrary views are most welcome .

Note: Invested in Wabag.

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In spite of being a Rain fed nation, monsoon is not always regular and with vast agricultural land we are always dearth of water not only for agriculture , even we lack potable drinking water, leave apart it’s commercial usage in industries such as mineral water , soft drinks etc and we need water for producing green hydrogen!

India has a vast V shaped coast line and we always have access to unlimited sea water.
desalination of sea water is definitely an option, though expensive at present , but given economies of scale , it could be explored.

Let us look at Electrolyser technology which would carry out the Electrolysis of water- do we need purest form of water ? Answer could be both yes & no.

As of today , we have 3 types of electrolysers (1) the good old Alkaline electrolyser which is 100 years old technology has reached its matured stage. it is cheap , uses less expensive conventional anode cathode technology. It uses highly conc KOH solution, corrodes fast, low life, not safe to use. But today it is still in use due to its simplicity and least expensive .
.Capable of using normal water , even sea water under study…

(2) PEM ( proton exchange membrane also known as polymer exchange membeane) electrolysers with H+ Diffusion, highly expensive due to expensive noble metals platinum, iridium , Ruthenium, High efficient , safe , but it would require the Purest form of water.
This has now reached commercial stage all over the world and Ohium in India has already started its operation.

(3) AEM electrolyser (Anion exchange membrane) OH - diffusion, It is in between both the world of expensive PEM and cheapest alkaline. it does not need expensive noble metals , so less expensive than PEM. AEM requires less expensive cobalt , nickel, fe, mn…needs just pure water may not require RO…
This is at an early stage of commercialisation.

There is another electrolyser called solid oxide which requires very high temp upto 500 degree …so still under R&D.

Technology is evolving very fast…Science is great …and our world is great Indian.talents are great…
IIT Chennai has developed an alkaline electrolyser which can take up raw sea water.
Why not ?.If india can send a rocket and land in South pole of the moon where no one had landed before !
I had seen another research paper where
NASA scientists have also endorsed and submitted a report that -yes Alkaline electrolyser can use sea water for electrolysis to produce hydrogen… it is the way to go…but still have a long way to go from laboratory to commercialisation.:frowning:

So please decide on your investment strategy :slightly_smiling_face:

IIT Madras scientists develop prototype to use seawater for … IIT Madras scientists develop prototype to use seawater for green hydrogen production


Some useful links related to this pure water requirement topic for hydrogen production…


Good article indeed.There is no denying that ultra pure water is a must as of date with the existing electrolyser technology.
But as I said technology is evolving very fast and I would not be surprised by another couple of years , raw water even sea water can be used for electrolysis
It is not only the efforts are on in India such as IIT Chennai , even NASA has also submitted its final research paper.

H2O Electrolysis With Impure Water Source—Final Report

Another point i wanted to add that many people are concerned for depletion of fresh water reservoir due to Hydrolysis of water in a massive scale. so, desalination of sea water for hydrolysis should be explored.

However, depletion of Earth’s water level due to massive electrolysis of water is not true.
When you extract hydrogen from water by electrolysis, Hydrogen is to be used in two ways.

(1) For direct Combustion as a direct energy source such as Hydrogen in IC engine. When hydrogen is burnt with oxygen / air , it releases back water as steam H2O to the atmosphere so water back to circulation in to our planet

(2) Hydrogen can be stored and used for producing electricity with help of Fuel cell when needed as in case of Power Grid integration.
In such a situation again , the bye product is water…back to system

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India proposes Green Hydrogen Cities.

The government has identified seven states to designate as hydrogen cities with an aim to integrate hydrogen technologies into various sectors such as transportation, industry, and power generation. The states are :

  • Sikkim,
  • Andhra Pradesh,
  • Rajasthan,
  • Maharashtra,
  • UP,
  • Chattisgarh,
  • Gujarat

Out of these, Sikkim will be hydel power-based, Chattisgarh solar-based, and Gujarat will be based on solar and wind energy. Whichever city has the big potential for generating renewable energy, that city tends to be qualified for the “hydrogen city” tag. It is because renewable energy, in abundance available at affordable rates, is required to produce green hydrogen. More states and cities will be identified for the prestigious tag.

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India’s first offshore wind mill projects to come up in Tamilnadu coast- Govt floats tender

India identifies 3 Ports as export Hub for Green Hydrogen , Ammonia & Methanol

Green hydrogen can be directly shipped in Cryogenic tanks ( in line with LNG tankers).

or else can be converted in to NH3 Ammonia or CH3OH Methanol which would serve as Hydrogen carrier which is then shipped easily as Ammonia , methanol both are liquids at room temperature.

Pure EVs and Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are two competitive technologies for zero tailpipe emission now- India will soon see momentum for hydrogen-powered vehicles in transportation

The EV route is viable for two- and three-wheelers. But in cars/taxis and city buses, both pure electric battery vehicles and HFCVs will compete. However, for long-distance inter-State buses and trucks, hydrogen IC engines and/or HFCVs will be the preferred choice.

Leading commercial vehicle makers such as Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland are ready with both hydrogen IC vehicles & HFCV ( Hydrogen Fuel cell vehicles) with the pilot batch for road trial.

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World Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Day celebrations- Govt unveils Rs. 400 Crores R&D Roadmap for National Green Hydrogen Mission

Highlights the practical hurdles and inferior unit economics of green hydrogen compared to other forms of green energy with a case study from South Korea.


Folks, I have a question for guys who are tracking green hydrogen sector closely.

How realistic and feasible is technology currently to use seawater (instead of pure water) in hydrogen electrolysis? Is it commercially viable?

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