Godawari Power - Any Trackers?

Amazing to see that GPIL is now going for buy-back

What an amazing wealth creation story this has been! 5 years back this company was available at a Mcap of just 700-800 Cr and today they are doing a buyback of 300 Cr!

Like discussed in the past in this thread, this sector has gone through big changes and GPIL has done superb execution and adopted good practices.

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In April 20 the total Market Cap was less than 300 Cr. :smiley:


How much is ebidta per ton currently for gpil?

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how to maximize returns by participating in buyback last year also gpil did buyback for the price of 500 per share but from that time the share is already 4 times the record date of buyback last year is march 31 2023 and the share is trading on that day361 buy back price is 500 if some one participated in buyback they last 4 times return per sharecompared to today price so just need advice from senior investors from forum


Since GPIL is been deleveraging but atlast is cyclical business and currently it is in high price to book ,if iron ore prices fall ebidta would suffer and that would impact overall business
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