Godawari Power - Any Trackers?

Going through this thread I have to take my hat off to @Kumar_manas for understanding the company and the sector that it operates in perfectly. Well done sir. Also in hindsight its so obvious how cheap the company was but few will put their money where their mouth is. Another thing to note is how long the market takes to recognize the fact and the rerating to occur. It’s almost as if the market fails to recognize that a turnaround in the balance sheet has occurred and still remembers the misdeeds of the past. True test of patience but reward is sweet at the end.



Please continue to post. At your discretion of course. The forum is richer for it.

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ok …so a newbie is trying to wade into. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had read last post of @Kumar_manas, where he stated that “Comparisons of GPIL Vs Sandur were repeatedly getting bumped off and claimed the reason for such posts getting deleted because certain VP administrators might have interests in sandur hence they would delete such comparisons”

Although i have not studied GPIL or Sandur but i would like to know from @Kumar_manas.How someone holding Sandur may benefit if GPIL is better placed in terms of valuation? as a newbie I am unable to understad the same.In case you may like to shed some light on this matter for the benefit of others as well.Also there are still many of your posts available on this thread. :thinking:

I’ve also read @royatirek’s response, which highlighted various potential reasons for the removal of your posts. These may include automated removal mechanisms and inadvertent flagging by members.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t retrieve screenshots of those original posts.

Though i’d like to think that VP is democratic/diverse/greatly beneficial forum and its free.I thought @kumar_manas’s original post would survive but i think founders/admins would certainly have rights, only they may know the reasons (i know some of the reasons which would get post bumped off are arrogance/narrow vision/personal comments). :melting_face:

But i would still like @kumar_manas to continue to post.Your conviction and knowledge certainly helps. Also there are members who reads your posts before they get deleted…yes ? :innocent:


Sandur manganese clearly cheated the minority shareholders in its rights issue- and many people on VP don’t want to get this mentioned anywhere.

I mentioned this in my previous post- and that was deleted for same purpose.


ok…so it was not the GPIL vs Sandur valuation comparison for which your post getting bumped off.

Because i see such comparison already present on this thread.

D- Not invested in either of them.Studying GPIL.


Your contribution to the Godawari thread is invaluable & helped many of us build conviction! Thanks a ton!!

On the rights issue… I normally apply for Five times the quantity that I’m entitled to, more so in these times of ASBA, but in any worthwhile issue, I seldom get any meaningful extra allotment. A pity that I was not a shareholder in Sandur at the time of the Rights issue or I too would have made a killing!!

But is it fair to say that Sandur cheated minority shareholders when they (minority shareholders) themselves did not apply for their rights? Ofcourse, like all of us, you too are entitled to your opinion.


they (promoter) of course applied to rights- otherwise their shareholding would have reduced by huge margin.
rights issue was nominal at Rs. 10 or something, when share price was in thousands.

Post rights issue-

the shareholding of promoters increased from 73.23% to 74.37%

1.2% were free of cost shares- snatched from sleeping/inactive retail shareholders- who didn’t apply to rights shares.
they got these shares for FREE. as rights issue was at Rs. 10 only, while actual share was at Rs. 2000 or something near it.

The sleeping shareholders- who didn’t apply for rights issue- saw huge wealth erosion.
It is understandable not 100% of retail shareholders are active in markets.
Many are senior citizens and check their portfolio once in a year.
The purpose of rights issue was only to snatch their shareholding- and increase promoter shareholding.

Please check price of rights issue, price of sandur stock (before split/bonus), amount raised from rights issue.


No one stopped retail from applying to rights issue. Unless the company mis-represented info, this could be opportunistic thinking, but not illegal. so, repeatedly calling this cheating in a public forum, on THIS basis - may be the reason those posts were flagged/removed. your posts are valuable, so i’d suggest to continue posting, and if you want to compare, please focus on qualitative and quantitative comparison. without calling this rights issue a cheating. would benefit everyone.


I agree here. had the right issue been close to market price, it would not be called cheating but right issue was at 10rs. The purpose was not to raise fund. they could have given bonus shares or even could have done stock split.
In my opinion, the practice was not ethical as promoters gained from inactive shareholders who did not apply. Cheating would be a strong word but for sure it was an unfair mean used by promoter to increase their shareholding.
Also I feel that the stock price is manipulated for Sandur though I dont have any means to confirm that but the huge fluctuations in share price doesnt give me comfort.

P.S - I am a shareholder with small capital in both GPIL and Sandur. However, I have reduced my stake in Sandur and have increased stake in GPIL in recent months.


Any posts regarding Sandur should be posted on relevant thread.