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Dishman Carbogen Amcis Ltd

All my Dishman shares are already converted and credited as Carbogen Amics stock…and hence my assumption is that, it will alone trade…I have been sitting in hope that it will start trading shortly but that shortly is something that was told to me, many a month ago…but off late, there are some brokerage reports coming out, increasing the hope even further…here is one sample from HDFC, with target of 405

And this.,…how the MF got this is a mystery though

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Thanks Kalyan. Let us hope Carbogen Amics get traded soon.

It made its debut today…the figures speak for themselves

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Dishman Pharma last traded on 30-May-2017 @Rs.301.
4 months your money would have locked if you invested in Dishman stock around 30th May, However you have got 16.6 % ( (50 Rs ) unrealized profit in 4 months period which is not bad… Hope long term DCAL will do well.

what choice one has, if you are already invested…the non-trading days were not in our hands…and it was not even in Dishman’s hands…that is how slow is the process in our stock exchanges…

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Buy right sit tight

Dishman has a growth story with it …

As per HDFC Report

  • There is high visibility on seven commercial launches

  • Niraparib alone could generate revenue worth US$ 5bn if it secures approvals for additional Indications, leading to a significant opportunity for DISH

  • The start of commercial launches from DISH’s deep pipeline will drive top-line growth over FY17-20E.

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Sir, what is your opinion on Dishman now - given your medical background ?
the earnings seem to be improving, Net Debt to Equity is around 0.2 and product pipeline seems impressive as per the latest management presentation and multiple broker reports.
But still the price has crashed from 350 to around 200.

What is missing here? Are there any red flags that are not obvious? Promoter overhang?

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Highlights from the video ,
Potential takeover target…
IT findings are not out yet…
Trading at 5pe levels


Stock has come down from 350+ in FY18 to 120 prior to raids…raids dealt a knock out. This one has been a real puzzle with only factual issue standing out is Goodwill and associated tax implications…mgmt has hinted in last con call as well so wasn’t unknown.

Brokerage houses are clueless as well…being second largest player in CRAMS… valuations are absurd…screaming buy at these levels…250+ institutions on concall yesterday including big pharma players…mgmt could do some buybacks…even if small amounts… unless they themselves are here to sell - willingly or otherwise

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Such incidents pose a big question mark on credibility of promotor and in view of almost hundred companies market cap vanishing in the last one year, companies having slightest corporate governance issue needs to be avoided to protect capital

Given the high amount of debt on the balance sheet, wouldn’t it be better to repay the debt rather than please the market on borrowed money?

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Buyback is done to stop one sided fall after IT raid, buyback amount is only 72cr

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And lower circuit still stays on post buy back announcements…Earning details to be watched out…Trust and quality is indeed a big deal

Just wondering who is accumulating large delivery in last month or so…no bulk/block deals either…

L&T Mutual Fund bought 51 lakh shares in Dec.19

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Dishman Carbogen Amics has a DE of approx 0.2 and an interest coverage ratio of >6. Why are you of the opinion that they have high debt? Am I missing something?

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While calculating DE, you may want to adjust for goodwill. Also, Debt/Ebitda is pretti high

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