Demergers on the radar

Kamdhenu demerger record date - 7th sept 2022.
Share holders to get 1 share in paint biz for each share held.
Listing might take 2 to 4 months depending on approvals.
Paint biz is in growing phase, holds good future amid increasing competition.
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For the purpose of issuing and allocating 4 equity shares of Piramal Pharma (PPL) worth Rs10 each for every equity share worth Rs2 granted to PEL shareholders, the record date is set as September 1, 2022.

Piramal’s financial business contributed about 52 per cent of revenue of the company in the financial year 2021-22, whereas the remaining 48 per cent of revenue came from the pharmaceutical business.

In July this year, PEL said it had also received RBI approval for the NBFC licence. Subsequent to the demerger, PEL said as an NBFC it will have a loan book of $9 billion, while the pharma firm will be a significant player with revenues of $1 billion.


No you will not get it. Settlement cycle (T+2) needed you to own PEL stocks on or before 29th August to get Piramal pharma.

Not tracking Aarti Industries for a while. What happened to the Pharma division demerger? It was approved in Aug 2021.

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Does anyone have subscription to moneylife?

Can you share a gist of this article


Is there any demerger coming up where the market value of the spinoff will be too small that institutions will sell?

Also Dhampur Bio organics limited got listed 4 days back .Any info on that?


Dhampur_Bio_Organics_Limited.pdf (117.1 KB)
Only info available about Dhampur Bio organics is this.

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Haven’t studied Dhampur bio org. In depth but one thing interesting is although shares split was 1:1 for dhampur bio & mills, & the demerger is done primarily for succession planning & family partition, dhampur sugar mills have more assets although not by a major extent( capacity wise i am yet to study the quality of those) Vs dhampur bio & if the quality of both the brothers as capital allocators is similar ( again a major assumption since yet to study in depth) then there might be some scope for price expansion in dhampur bio as market cap of bio is Rs1000-1100 cr vs 1500 cr of dhampur mills

Is anyone tracking the demerger of Revathi Equipment Ltd?

Please check the details here

A rights arb I recently concluded : -

Add-shop-retail issue :- The co. gave rights in 1:1 ratio for Rs. 54 whn mkt share price was 90. Now, the interesting part here is that promoters mentioned not to participate unless there’s undersubscripn. I applied and got extra shares in ratio of almost 1:10. Sold off arnd Rs. 71. So theoretically almost 170-20 = 50 rs. profit per lot.



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Update about AARTI IND demerger:


AARTI IND demerger Record Date: Thursday, October 20, 2022

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Aromatic business demerger from Vikram thermo:


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