Deepak's portfolio requesting feed back

I was having a discussion with a guy who is keen to buy my car.(Im getting a automatic so my wife also sharpens her driving skills). The guy was invested in bitcoin since 2016. His salary was 15k and still he went and bought BTC worth 50k. His measly investment has grown to 31lakhs( He made few losses trading in between).He holds 30 other cryptos as well. Though i read about cryptos, i had no interest in them . He did answer few questions i had on their sovergnity, intrinsic value from his view point . meaning he is not naive.

The take away is , i met a normal guy who made a 100 bagger returns. He has taken risk to transform his life rather than accepting the fate. He made an effort to learn about something that had a big scope in future. With Musk investing 1.5B$ in bitcoin and many jumping the bandwagon, i think he has more steam left. more power to him

P.S: Read Agatha christie’s ‘The murder of Roger Ackroyd’. Reading fiction after some years. It was worthwhile though felt little dated.


Got infected with covid and recovered. A huge shout out to @sahil_vi for sharing his experience on how to overcome this.

Portfolio is at 13% returns now. Will stop sipping now. US inflation lurking around the corner and fed may start tightening/tapering measures that would crash the market. Also its been a while Intelsense gave me any recommendation :slight_smile:

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After a hawkish stance by fed the gold prices tanked. Being a gold bug will add every 6 months (Better than saving in INR). SGB have provided great convenience in storage and added interest payment.

Average price of SGB is 4840 and now the price of gold is 4700. will add on 5 % drop from my purchase price. Yet to receive the first interest payments in SGB.

Equity portfolio returns is at 16%

A little over 50% of my equity holdings is in small and micro cap. Plan to exit few of them and move to large caps or just adding large caps (additional capital)to my portfolio would rebalance my portfolio. My sip in PPFAS is at 18% roughly same as my equity returns. is all this active portfolio management worth it?? GOK

Premco global again came with stellar results but after Rupa and lux i was expecting nothing short of stellar numbers. company is still at 100 odd crores. I should have added when the market cap was just 15 cr and the company had more than 20 Cr in its balance sheet. But then results were on and off and vision is 20-20 in hindsight.

Will add SGB 3 months from now if its available at 4700 range. INR is never a strong currency to store wealth. If equity crashes will move from Gold to equities. Also planning to add ITC (my highest allocation now) around 200.

Sold my Premco global holdings today at a little over 100% gain. Though im quite optimistic of its business prospects. its been a wild 3 years ride. with trans pacific pact , to starting a plant in Vietnam and diversifying the product lines to covid masks… i did hold it amidst some forum member reporting its a low margin business so upside is limited( check premco global forum… ) Anyways reason for selling out is moving in to a reliable portfolio which delivers anything over 10 % without me having to lose my sleep over it… Will move the funds to Mutual funds or into some blue chip stock. Equity Portfolio returns at healthy 20%. gold flat or at -1.5%.

P.S: i might renter premco global on dips as the whole business is still valued at less than 150 cr. I see bigger opportunity size

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Sold off edelweiss and manappuram, albeit small positions. US inflation hotting up and fed remains accommodative lets see how rest of 2021 pans out.
Added few more ITC. Happy with way portfolio is shaping up.

US non farm payroll numbers added more than ecpected jobs and gold tanked 2.5%. Will be adding to my position in coming weeks.

Im glad my wife is showing interest to learn macroeconomics. On a long drive ,she discussion with me relation between interest rates , inflation and gold prices. Interaction of bond yields and gold prices. Quantitative easing , debt ceiling and taper tantrum. Cant be more happy.

What a performance its been by women’s hockey team… And is olympic medals tally a lagging indicator of economic prosperity. As of 7th aug china leads the table

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SGB liquidity is horrible . the jan series remains priced at 4700 whether gold spot price is at 4800 or 4600. Hardly 50 units getting traded. No opportunity to add in the crash.

Looking at results of few companies i sold off, im glad I made the right decision. It ok to overpay sometimes to high quality companies rather holding the laggards with the hope that they turn around. Now the big question is what are the laggards in my portfolio and what im going to do about it.

Try to place order for premco global before the results , kite rejected stating i need 2 factor authentication. :frowning:

As expected stellar results by premco global. when promotor buys with block deal at 525 then you know they are doing good. The short term trade dint happen courtesy zerodha. I have enough small caps in my portfolio still… Tiger logistics , skipper , dhp . One can marvel one’s stock picking skills… execution still is with company stakeholders though.

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Sold off Tiger logistics . Its been a 2x albeit a small allocation. Very high promotor holding gave me the confidence to averaged it down. Will let go of Repco and Ujjivan at opportune moments. If the business upcycle resumes might hold it for a long time before selling. The elephant started making a move today (ITC). Also I keep buying insurance (gold :smile: )

Done profit booking in GR Infra and minor losses in Glenmark. Intend to buy that second automatic car. Since ford shut shops in India my aspire value nosedived but I started loving enjoying the 100 horses under the hood so keeping it and getting a budget automatic compact SUV around 8. Too much time done researching the cars. I dint participate in the market rally as much I would have anticipated but totally dint miss out either.

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As much as Im in awe of the star investors in this forum, people who post their mistakes in market thereby losing a lot of money also have my respect. It just gives a perspective.

SIP in PPFAS is at 32% which I stopped sipping long back (capital allocation 6%) and started sipping in gold(capital allocation 44%) which currently is at -2% but I like the low volatility safe haven asset that it is. Makes you wonder if the active portfolio management is all worth it other than the thrills u get from it. Pick few mutual funds and SIP religiously until market offers arbitrage opportunity.

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Bought the latest recommendation of intel sense after little bit of deliberation. Still dint let go of my skepticism so limited my purchase to 13,000 Rs. The stock doubled in 2 months and I sold it off. So effectively their one recommendation covered my yearly subscription.

Mainly got the subscription to understand the approach/ thought process etc. Though i had the courage to take the plunge, i would say i dint make most of the situation. should not have used my mind and blindly allocated equal amounts or the prescribed allocation amount. People who have realistic expectation and are in it for long term can give it a shot.

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Skipper, KRBL, Alembic and Strides came up with lackluster results. Will not be doing any buying and selling for another quarter. Portfolio is roughly 55% SGB and 45% equity.

Started cycling better these days (2hr/40 kms) might go for a upgrade .cannondale or Montra blues. my current drive is montra trance pro.

Started biting into HUL. Will sip it as it stays at these levels.

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Same here, Buying HUL in sip mode.

@Ashusharma when you have time post your other picks and rationale. Im quite risk averse so picking on perceivably safe picks after the Covid crash. Only time will tell.

For good safe picks, Brittania and Sanofi. Sanofi and Brittania have 4.5% dividend yield. So any further falls will get more defensive strong hands. I currently hold Sanofi.

Please remember both FMCG and Pharma are in downtrend.

Disc: i hold Sanofi and my views may be biased.

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Should i buy some gold or some blue chips tomorrow after i get my salary.
SGB are hovering around 4650 when the actual price is 4850. Also i intend to add to September tranche(9,3). Im ok with the allocation made to january (1,7) and june(6,12) tranche that effectively takes cares or coupon payments for 6 months in a year. In the highly inflationary environment, expecting the gold to breach previous highs and expecting a return of 15-20% this year.

Or i can add HDFC AMC, HUL to my portfolio. My mind slightly leaning towards the earlier option.