Deepak's portfolio requesting feed back

Why the market movements shouldnt bother me too much(The fact that my portfolio is bleeding)

  1. Little capital allocation
    2.Yet to read ‘Security Analysis’ which i plan to do after my exams. (Read the numbers better).
    3.Research gone in to the stock isnt much. Mostly borrowed ideas

Why I havent thrown the towel yet

  1. I like browsing this forum in my past time. Keeps me updated on India Inc
  2. Makes me believe all this experience will amount to something.

Hey @bully. whom are you giving these updates? I see may be you lost some money so are others in this forum you can’t win every time and investing in stock market is more about patience, knowledge and perseverance and lastly ability to own up loss.

if you think you have made bad investments, Please liquidate your investments and invest in good mutual funds with time you should be able to recover your loss and then make some good profits too.

Its just my journal entry . May be i should change the heading of this thread. Yeah i know you win some and you lose some.

Never mind. For me it felt like you are trying to justify your investment decisions. As long as you take it in right spirit then all is well

Finished half of ‘Thinking fast and slow’ by Daniel kanheman. Really dense and worthwhile. Agree on everything except the chapter ’ Regression towards the mean’. Will resume the other half soon

Will be interesting to observe Ford results and Tesla’s the past qtr from academic perspective

R U STILL INVESTED IN AARTI DRUGS ? u bought at right time. what else u hold?

Wow i follow your posts vivek gautam. Huge fan. Aarti drugs i sold wayback. The regular everyyr miniscule buyback gets the share price to spike every year. Its only now API got everyone’s fancy. After the China episode people started talking about laurus labs, granules and Aarti. My portfolio size is way small (my 2 month salary)so it doesnt make any sizeable difference. One share i picked in valuepickr which u might find interesting now is kiri where the story is reaching the climax. Whether dystar holding will materialize and what they will do with the money. My largest holding is idfc first ofcourse.

After my sip in gold is done for this yr. Planning to subscribe to intelsense and grow my portfolio in to reasonable size. Will be better to learn from the best

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Started nibbling pidilite. Half before the results and half the allocation after. Might accumulate Granules from tomorrow if market provides me opportunity. After aarti drugs and laurus results , dont think api would correct much

My allocation now. Roughly
Equity 30
Gold 30
Cash 40

By the way Ford posted way better results. CFO was expecting $5B losses but they posted just 2B$ losses. Also record amount of booking for Bronco, new Fseries and, Mustang electric. The stock price suggested the end but looks like phoenix kinda story.

Blue wave and a huge stimulus that follows as expected will trigger the next leg rally in gold. Fingers crossed

Equity portfolio now in black . Invested a token amount in index fund during nifty @7500 which yielded 60℅. Was helpful to show my family members that equities are resilient and attractive investment. Not to discourage in my future pursuits. After peak corona fears waded, invested from august in pidilite, itc, hdfc, marico, gcpl and bandan which helped my portfolio to get back in black.
Its a sale only if quality trades at discount. Portfolio double the early size. Plan to raise the size equivalent to a yrs salary.

I have taken equity advisory subscription from Intelsense. lets see how it pans out in 2021.

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Premco global results out now. Finally the company hit it out of the park

Cleared my FRM level 2 and awaiting charter. Since there is more than 50% overlap between FRM 1 and CFA1 may give CFA exam sometime next year.

Portfolio returns have beaten FD now. Intelsense gave 2 recommendations after i subscribed dint buy both and both are up by 30% and 10% in less than a quarter. I should better leave the stock picking to experts :grinning:

Added another tranche of gold ETF. will Add some more by the end of the month if the price stays there.

Currently 50% invested in equities . will blindly buy the next intelsense recommendation. last recommendation they made doubled in a month and im stupid to let it go. Also a part of equity is in mutual funds PPFAS to be precise

30% gold . most of it in SGB and some in ETF

20% sitting on cash. Not keen to be 100% invested.

Overall returns better than FD.

Interesting, why do you have such high exposure to Gold? If you do not mind can you share your risk profile and age group level. Also, what is the post tax return offered by SGB and lock in currently. I remember they used to offer a 2-3% yield plus appreciation, if any.
SGB vs ETF vs Physical gold…would be good to know your thoughts…thanks

Do you think REITs could be a good debt option?

My age group is mid 30’s and we have a daughter of 4yrs. Im a risk averse individual just involved in secondary markets for the love of the game.

My initial pickings were bleeding and i know that my portfolio wouldnt survive a market crash yet i dint sell out and precisely that happened. I work for an MNC bank and there the focus on ‘recession readiness’ was on from 2018 and it was precisely at that moment i started sipping in to gold at 3000 levels as i had a hunch the next recession was around the corner, as we are at the end of business cycle. I was hoping to rebuild the portfolio after the crash. It was the safest asset class at that time for me.

After crash i dint deploy cash as i would have liked because of the discouragement from family. I did add quality stocks in my portfolio though and its now very much in green territory. I did learn a lot from this forum. Though i would very much like to contribute im still a novice and i don’t think my points add much value.

As my 90% of net worth is in fixed assets (a large part of it is inheritance). I want to diversify my asset class to liquid investments as well so investing in to gold and MF/Stocks right now. So compared to before my equity portfolio had doubled.

Coming to SGB its just not gold as investment but rather as hedge. with the Biden taking over, market is expecting him to push stimulus thereby dollar drops and gold gains. thats my broad thesis. Also gold tends to perform in spurts and well in inflationary environment. I for once clearly know there is margin of safety in gold.


Sorry in debt instruments i just stick with bank FD’s. No clue about REIT.