Creating WikiPages for a Business

@basumallick we should seriously consider adding Wikipedia type feature to the site where we all can add our squirrel’s share to keep a company’s information updated. I read interview of @Donald a while ago and one of the objective of creating this site is to provide information about companies (especially small and mid caps) when companies themselves do a poor job of educating investors.
I will recommend using CRISIL report format as these are independent equity research reports. This will ensure that information about a company is presented from an investor’s perspective and is regularly updated.


Hi Yogansh,

This facility already exists.
There is a structured part to ValuePickr that most Newcomers are unaware of, wonder why :slight_smile: Actually if you scroll down on the Home Page there are a large number of Stock Stories, and a much larger number of Management Q&As captured. These are crrisp, and contain very detailed insights into specific businesses that we studied at length.

We used to do this with gusto between 2010-2013! Simple to-the-point pieces.

Last few done were in mid 2014 - Muthoot Capital - an extensive comparative piece that brought up Bajaj Finance to the attention of a discerning few, Avanti Feeds a simple concise piece, Shriram City Union Finance - which were very well appreciated pieces.
Folks like Vinod MS, myself, Abhishek, Ayush, and a few others used to chip in.

The trouble is this cannot be a completely open process - then we cant control Quality. Anyone who feels like may come and update all over :slight_smile: So only a selected few with demonstrated capabilities and sincere intent - can be entrusted such responsibility.

However given our experience before, you may not see more than 4-5 hands up for this responsibility!
A good way to test this is to ask folks like you who feel strongly about this, to create one stock story for their favourite business - using the same template like in examples shown

Great, I had no idea that such a facility exists. I guess most would have bookmarked the forum link so link to stories is not easily accessible. May we can add a sticky link to the relevant story page to a company thread.

Completely agree. Wrong information is worse than no information. May be we can allow editor access to members based on their contribution to the forum and their demonstrated capabilities (in terms of # of likes etc). We can also invite members with known interest to create/update pages. I am sure members like @zygo23554 (APL Apollo Tubes) and @varunrajwade (Cupid) have done good research on these companies.

Yes, will add something to the stories section. Right now information about a company is scattered all over a thread. It will good to get everything in one page, remove old and outdated information and replace it with current and relevant thread. This will make sure company wikipage is always up-to-date.

Can multiple members edit these stories? If yes, how do we request editor access? It would be difficult for the original creator to keep a story up-to-date. Can we make this a community update process?

Nope. Why should we replace a discussion thread with a Wiki page???
Both serve different needs. And both are needed. And here’s a different perspective on why sometimes “old is gold” :wink:

1.The stock discussions are unstructured - because thats how discussions tend to me. But it records for posterity how the story unravels - events happen, members react, some panic and leave the bandwagon, others reason it out and stay the course (through ignorables) make their way to say an Ajanta Pharma’s 65x multibagger in 5 years. Academia are fascinated - actually some are actively compiling and tabulating the journey of investor behaviour that is captured in these threads Sir …there is a wealth of insights on how decisions are made, behavioural investing, ability to decide on the odds, the choices that are available at each fork in the story - in many of these storied journeys in an Astral, Mayur, Ajanta, Shilpa, Polymed, Kaveri, Amara Raja, Shriram City, PI industries and many many more :slight_smile: Do all new members know of the ValuePickr Public Portfolio (maintained updated from 2010 till SEBI regulations in 2014)

You will be hacked up…if anyone even tries to clean up storied threads …yes, many threads which do not see quality participation/discussion which get junk accumulated are a different beast…even they will have lessons to teach on what not to do, and more…

Have you folks not seen the Showcase discussion threads at the Home Page!!

2.In parallel there is also a distinct need for structured pieces …where you can come to grips on the essentials of a business in just 15-20 minutes …through a crisp note like a stock Story - what does it have - What are the Products, who are the customers, what are the bullish arguments, what are the bearish arguments, what are the interesting optionalities …thats it … a simple concise story. Thrown in Peer comparison of a certain rigour and this becomes a real “living” document that can be kept updated.

Instead of opining what could be done, we would like folks like you to say - Hey I want to write a stock story for my favourite business say Cupid, or XYZ, write that up in 15 days or 30 days. Upload it here for Seniors to see if you have the ability, and the serious of intent to doa complete job - someone who can look at both sides of the coin and come up with a balanced piece.

Nothing verbose - not 10 pages. Just 1 page!!
Can you do that??
How many will volunteer to do that??

Lets watch this space…including your seriousness of intent :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yes. We have a complete CMS backed Create-Edit-Review-Publish Workflow System in place :slight_smile: Edit history and integrity is maintained. Multiple folks can have multiple roles to play with permissions/rights at different levels.

We can provide access to selected folks. The functionality was opened up selectively for a few folks like Vinod MS, Ayush, Abhishek, myself and a couple more in 2010. No Member can access the Edit functionality on unless specifically allowed.

But hey, as we said before …lets see INTENT, followed up with ABILITY …for accountable public service!!
Taking responsibility for understanding a business in depth, and then taking the responsibility to keep it updated - there aren’t many guys willing to put in that level of commitment to learning/sharing/growing.

But we would loved to be proven wrong :slight_smile:
Those who are upto the challenge - should first show themselves capable of creating at least 60-70% of what is required - before other members put in efforts to refine. Someone has to be in the drivers seat! Other (smarter folks) get attracted feeding on his energy!! Thats how it works for the serious business at hand at VP - a community effort by anyone/everyone is unlikely to produce & sustain a quality product.


Which is one stock thread you would strongly recommend to spot few good points on behavioural finance including odds of winning. Only one :), I need to put 2 pages presentation for behavioral finance.

Thanks in advance

Ajanta Pharma thread is a good one - lots of twists and turns - events flow initially - and consequent reactions, sage advise, clarifications

Pretty neat stuff (stock stories). Though it looks like small bird, an average guess even tells the kind of effort that has gone into making. What I really liked based on Muthoot.

  • numbers and numbers :slight_smile: Thoughts are not lost in vocabulary! That would mean pretty regular update.
  • Catalysts Performance Indicator (one punch word to ratios :grinning:)
  • Bullish and bearish views looks like equal animals , mostly bulls look bigger when you write on paper.
    There can be always few bolt on’s here and there, but sanity prevails after reading. But I guess unless I own this stock I wont pay attention to details…that’s my small little take!

By the way I went to @hitesh2710 portfolio thread last week to find out few behavioural anamolies for my presentation. Looks like entire community there is rock steady like experienced medical surgeon on operation table, possibly mentor has steered the ship. .:pensive:

As suggested I will try my luck in Ajanta thread. Thanks!

Hi @Donald , thanks for the nudge. I am attaching a story I wrote recently on APL Apollo Tubes. I like to tell story of a company using charts so this ones does not use the same template as the other stories on the site. I also use a spreadsheet for valuation so I have included that as well. finally, one page story is not convincing enough for me so I have 12 pages instead. Let me know if this makes the VP quality cut.
APL Apollo Tubes Ltd.pdf (539.8 KB)