Companies with 20%+ growth guidance for next few years

Source? Did not see in their concall transcript -

Marksans Pharma promoters are confidently saying a revenue of 3000 cr in 2 years, which is 50% growth. But they are conservative in their claims and has over delivered. And Teva itself can deliver 1000 cr revenue in 2 years and Capex is still in progress. And they are claiming that it is already break even.
So these are projections as the case of all other companies in the list.


Hello. Is there a link you can share of the source? Thanks

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Go through the concalls , you will get all the details.

Here is a simple rule that helps identify companies that will deliver 20%+ profit growth on a PORTFOLIO level in 3-5 year horizon. Rule: “Select all companies that have delivered more than 14% ROE and 20% revenue growth in at least 7 of the last 9 years”. This rule has generated 20%+ annual return when tested on rolling basis from 2000 to 2023.

Below is the list of the companies that appeared in FY23:
Hindustan Foods
SBI Cards
Avenue Super.
Lancer Containe.
Husys Consulting
Aditya Vision
Share India Sec.
Beta Drugs Ltd
Route Mobile
Affle India
Aaron Industries
Sigma Solve
Clean Science

This list contains both small and large companies.

For more detailed rules and examples, check out this thread on investment rules where we discuss best investment-rules in India tested across market cycles over the last 25 years.