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PortFolio Update:
Gujarat Themis remains well on course to grab existing as well future opportunities. Shares in circulation will Increase with 1:5 subdivision. Might see MF Inflows.
NDR Auto Company had volume and value loss on account of Production issues at Maruti. Company Remains proxy for Maruti and little bit for Toyota. Results yet to reflect in price. Authorized share Capital Increase will be another trigger.
MAS Financial Results were decent Mr. Market is not giving adequate Value it deserves.
Credit Access Results were superb and Company remains in top of the league.
Shivalik Bimetal , I was expecting better results though long term outlook remains same.
Dynemic Products lot of International food product Brand applying for licenses to do business in India. Demands might be better in coming days for Fine Organic and Dynemic.
Acrysil, Housing demand more or less not on track in US and Economies are still not out of the blue.
Opteimus with Wistron folding it’s operations in India there are cloud on the Company. eagrly waiting for result and AGM.
CAlcom continues to do well. onboarding of new customers, collaborating with new technological companies.

  1. Credit Access( 26%)
  2. Shivalik Bimetal(12%)
  3. Nesco(9%)
  4. NDR Auto(8%)
  5. Gujarat Themis(7%)
  6. Calcom(7%)
  7. Acrysil(5%)
  8. MAS Finance(5%)
  9. Shivalik Rasayan(5%)
  10. Dynemic Products(3%)
  11. Opteimus(2%)
  12. Sanrhea(1.5%)
  13. Gufic(1.5%). Rest Cash(8%)
    Planning to Add Dynemic, Shivalik Rasayan.
    Now since commodities soybean, Corn, Cotton are cooling . Companies which are directly or indirectly related stand to benefit. Closely tracking the prices.

Portfolio Update
Calcom Vision: Sold stake, nothing wrong .valuation at par with Industry. waiting for New Sales to kick in .
will re-enter.
Dynemic Products: Disappointed with results sold fully.
Opteimus: Sold Fully, Growth has subdued.

  1. Credit Access (27%)
  2. Nesco (14%)
  3. Shivalik Bimetal(13%)
  4. NDR Auto(11%)
  5. Gujarat Themis(6%)
  6. DCB Bank(5%)
  7. Carysil(5%)
  8. Shivalik Rasayan(5%)
  9. MAS Finance(3%)
  10. Sanrhea (1.5%)
  11. Gufic(1.5%)
  12. CIE(1.5%)
    Rest Cash
    Tracking “Fine Organic”, “Global Surface”, “KRBL,LT Foods”, “Hester Bio”, “Gulshan Polyol”, “Poly Medicure”
    Want to add more of Shivalik Bimetal waiting for correction.
    Will Deploy some of the profits towards CIE.

Very Important AGM Summary from CIE

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Portfolio Update
Exits: Nesco Pared full, Reason Stagnant growth, Will Come back once New Tower construction starts and reaches final stage.
DCB Bank: Exited Fully, Reason Was expecting Net NPA and GNPA to cool down further but they have taken a pause will see how they behave hereon.
Shivalik Rasayan: Sold Fully, Lot of things happening but they are not able to Convert it into sales. Company remains Solid.
No Fresh Entry. Increased stake in CIE,Bimetal, Gujarat Themis

  1. Credit Access (35%)
  2. Shivalik Bimetal(14%)
  3. NDR Auto(11%)
  4. Gujarat Themis(10%)
  5. CIE Auto(8%)
  6. Carysil(5%)
  7. MAS (3%)
  8. Sanrhea (1.5%)
  9. Gufic(1.5%)
    Rest Cash
    Tracking “Fine Organic”, “Global Surface”, “KRBL,LT Foods”, “Hester Bio”, “Gulshan Polyol”, “Poly Medicure”, “Gujarat Intrux”, “Bharat Parentals(missed recent rally) had been tracking from 2 months”

hi ankit… shivalik bimetal promoters have sold some shares recently… which factors triggered your increase in stake in shivalik and also gujarat themis biosyn…

Opportunity Size, Addressable Market is Huge- in both cases.
Gujarat Themis Comparatively Market size is smaller but read their con calls and observe OPM for last 7-8 quarters you will have your answer.

The Employee strength of the company as on 31st March, 2023 was 296.


Notes from Bemco Hydraulic Annual Report 22-23

Portfolio Update
Entry: AMI Organics(Very Big Story evolving if they can execute well it shall become a multibagger), Gujarat Ambuja(Rationale: fall in Maize prices)
Exit: Sanrhea

  1. Credit Access (32%)
  2. Shivalik Bimetal(14%)
  3. NDR Auto(12%)
  4. Gujarat Themis(10%)
  5. AMI Organics(10%)
  6. CIE Auto(10%)
  7. Carysil(5%)
  8. MAS (3%)
  9. GAEL (2%)
  10. Gufic(1.5%)

Tracking: Bemco, Bharat Parentals, SKM Egg, Manorama Industries
Might Liquidate Most of My Holdings soon , Planning to Buy a house from the Blessings of Ishwar,Parents and Market.