Commodity: Silver

Hi I am new to this forum. So firstly I would like to thank all the board members for their insights into the stock market. It has helped me a lot in evaluating the firms. Going through this journey I realized how important it was to understand the basics economics(the boom and bust cycle),how central banks work, how interest rate affects and how commodity plays a very important role. So I am starting this thread with an aim to help get better insight into different areas of investment and discuss ideas which might have external effects in this market. Also when the stock market fails what are the different avenues available in this market for investment.
I had done some digging on Silver and would like to share.
My 20 cents!!
SILVER.pdf (886.7 KB)

Please feel free to join in…
I hope it helps start a different chapter on this forum.



Prepared a small post on silver, to understand it’s return potential. Though not an expert on the subject, prima facie, it appears attractive. Silver can be invested as physical silver or e silver.

Silver ETFs are not investment options in India, but popular abroad.Silver as an investment option.docx (137.2 KB)

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How to buy e silver?. Is there any way in India buy silver online?

quantum might be coming out with an etf for silver,…

but then again the question rises, will it be liquid enough?!!

i have experience with uti gold etf, and the liquidity is sometimes an issue and also the spreads

What are the ways one can invest in silver in India? Any contract or etf available?