Commodity and Cyclical Plays

Add ‘Bodal Chemical’ to that list. I believe this is the second response to some textile company-related stock movements in the past few months. If these are signs of the Industry bottoming out or just market euphoria… is hard to tell. But all Dye & Pigments players are commenting on demand revival in 2H-2024FY.

Dyes and Pigments: Revival Likely in H2FY24 After a Subdued FY23 -

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The 3 companies ,I’m tracking all do concalls and out of which i feel kiri is the most that can be trusted and have said they will be doing a buyback hopefully by this year.If it happens i will increase my holdings in the dye sector or wait for market to correct again before adding.

New episode…equally insightful.


I am new to cyclical investing.I guess Spinning sector bottom out , huge volume coming and downturn continue in Polyfilms?
Is anyone can correct me , where i am wrong in both the cases?

Phthalic Anhydride looks like another sector worth tracking currently. Have done some work on IG Petrochemicals (Market leader). Would appreciate any thoughts.

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